Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christina’s a Bitch



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  1. First this is fake.

  2. My head hurts after reading the whole thing and entering it into the retard-to-human translator.

  3. haha @ DaysWithDave. You suck for 2 reasons. 1. for saying “first” and 2. because there’s no way this is fake. It’s too bizarre and weird … unless the people who made it up are screwed up geniuses

  4. @coolwip: Every single Lamebook entry has to have at least one douche saying, “this is fake” so I figured I’d be first.

    At least I didn’t bash LB in the process.

  5. hmmm too long to bother reading if it’s not worth it… anyone? worth reading?

  6. @KAOSS
    Not really worth reading.. Just two whores arguing about which one is whorier. I’m not sure who won. Someone enlighten me?

  7. I couldn’t read all that crap … listening to Bubbles sing Liquor & Whores though!

  8. chickens dont clap

    “yes i have to beautiful babies something you will never have, cus your ugly!!!”
    This makes me sad for those babies. Though I am borderline impressed that she managed to spell so many of those words correctly. Shame the to/two your/you’re cus/because let her down.

  9. brandie never denied the hiv hmmmm jackanddiane, i love your name, and i think christina won but thats not saying much at all

  10. Good name, even better song šŸ˜‰
    Yea.. Who wants to win a whory-ness competition?

  11. She kind of did deny it I think with the “haha yeah cuz i have HIV and all lol thats hilarious”. I think she was going for the rise above and dont acknowledge it denial. For that i give her the win. Christina sounds like a retarded bogan whore

  12. Seems kinda low to repeatedly mock someone for having HIV, I mean, that wouldn’t exactly be fun :S

  13. This post made me lose almost all of my faith in humans. Arguing about who is whorier that’s just bull shit.

  14. if christina slept with brandie’s ex she might wanna go get tested for the hiV, too before she goes around calling brandie out. they may be sharing medication for 15 years or so……..

  15. Tune in next week to see christina laugh at people with cancer…

    but seriously even if she did have HIV which I doubt its not something you should laugh at someone for especially if you have been “sharing” partners with them.

  16. This isn’t lame, this is just boring :/ Christina and Brandie suck at fighting!

  17. “Iā€™m not sure who won. Someone enlighten me?”

    Reading the subtext, I believe Travor probably won and Christina is lying about it.

  18. did anyone notice how Christina never spelled Brandie’s name correctly? For that alone, Brandie won

  19. I miss Zombie kid.

  20. I miss when people had better things to do than type the same thing for every entry.

  21. I miss when zoned had a sense of humour…. oh, wait…

    haha just kidding.
    Imisszombiekid, he’s still around though, how can you miss him?

  22. Awww c’mon Kaoss. It’s just getting old šŸ˜‰

  23. if ya can’t beat em…. well, you know…
    beat the crap out of them? no wait, that’s not right…

  24. Trolls

  25. Boring.

  26. life’s too short to read that boring shit

  27. TollTroll, may I recommend watching Troll 2?

  28. I’m bored. any one wanna play a game?
    Xmas eve alone. well, not completely alone, I’ve got my cat… she’s a person šŸ˜›

  29. My cat’s a person too… He’s even into homeopathy, he has a long way to go with that though, he’s terrible at acupuncture!

  30. haha my cat’s awesome at puncturing things. oh wait, you said acupuncture….

  31. Lol @ “SLOOPY” seconds

  32. @TollTroll. I heart the shit out of your name. Lol.

  33. looks like I need to do both Brandie and Christina very fast and very hard…

  34. I would love to do both Brandie and Christina very fast and very hard…with a fucking metal baseball bat!

  35. flip, flip, flipadelphia! flip, flip, flipadelphia!

    And lol at her saying a million times “you have the hiv”

  36. “Welland trash.” I grew up near Welland, it’s near Niagara Falls. It is known as the armpit of the Niagara peninsula. Reading this really makes me wish I was at home right now and basking in the classiness. Then again, trash can be found anywhere, unfortunately. If anyone finds a place where people like this don’t exist, please tell me?

  37. Trailer Park Boys is an awesome TV show nonetheless.

  38. Once I heard my son laughing really hard so I went into the room and asked him what was so funny. He was watching trailer park boys and laughing at the beeped out curse words. He had no idea what was going on but the beeps were making him laugh.

  39. hey guys! haha just for the record, i dont have HIV thi bitchis just mental! shes pissed cuz my ex bf cheated on me with her…. and her ex bf likes me. haha im pretty sure she is much whorier šŸ˜› but all your comments made me laugh histerically thanks for that šŸ˜›

  40. brandie was just keepin it classy… christina’s a bitch… and also, who said ugly people cant have kids? they can have kids just fine :p

  41. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    all i can say is, i pitty Keith for the fact that those retards are spamming him!!

  42. Wonderful.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  43. elixabeth sucks for a buck.

    Also, poor Keith.

    That is all.

  44. trailer park boys are hilarious. best show.

    just thought i’d throw that in there….

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