Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Church Stonings

a church stoning

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  1. foremangriller1

    passin a stone is not need to know info and whether in church or kenya really what is the difference

  2. We do not allow stones to be passed, you can however throw stones.

  3. Is she really talking about her kidney stones? Yay one more to go!

  4. Let he who cast the first stone…

  5. Yes! Now you can go enlist those poor Kenyan souls in your ponzi scheme that you call religion in order to ascend to heaven yourself!

    Perhaps she needs to take care of herself before embarking on a proselytizing journey…
    just sayin’

  6. yipee!! i can’t wait to go thru excruciating pain again soon! Cause all the bad things that happen are just a blessing in disguise 😀

  7. congratulations, fucktard.

  8. Wow… I am FB friends with her and saw this one in real-time! She’s not actually a “fucktard” and usually her updates aren’t that annoying. This one was a bit much, though.

  9. I wonder if were doing the sermon of about the passover…

  10. Carrie is completely stoned.

  11. Let he who is without sin pass the first stone.

  12. omg

  13. wow i love you so much

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