Thursday, November 20, 2014


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  1. Hello, will you marry me?

  2. That’s a nice request you got there.
    Would be a shame if someone misunderstood it and raped you.

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  4. What about you Dane…?
    Same could be happen to you too…so be carefull

  5. Sure and you probably expect flowers from your dildo…

  6. It could. I have to be carefull
    That’s why I am carefull!
    Mostly by keeping my weight above 90 kgs. I won’t ever be fast enough to outrun rapists, but I can sit on them instead. And not in the “sit on their face”-kind of way.

  7. Wow…but be carefull about your words.. It wouldn’t be a shame if someone cut of your Johnson!

  8. My cock has never been in her, so I feel free to call her a dumb cunt…

  9. necrophiliac64258

    My dick will be in her as soon as Grim does his job.

  10. necrophiliac64258

    I was talking about you Stephanie by the way

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