Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Classy Couples



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  1. I’d be a little scared if I was Brandon. Also who says “himhaw”

  2. Who said romance was dead……………..

  3. I wonder if these people grasp the concept of the word “public.”

  4. His dick will be done? Sounds like a wrestling match.

  5. Stick a fork in it, Brandon- it’s done.

  6. I hope Jeffrey & Curt left a big tip, those presidential sheets are gonna be a BITCH to clean.

    I like “himhaw”, gonna try to use that one.

  7. Oh, honey, no. That’s not lube.

  8. “Your dick is done”? Is that a good thing?

  9. Mom, I’d like you to meet the woman I’m going to marry. She had me at “Your dick is done”

  10. *pictures macho man pointing and yelling at a penis on camera*

    Ohhh yeeeah brother! YOUR DICK IS DONE!

  11. @Darklydreaming

    DIG IT!

  12. @10, 11 – perhaps the closing scenes of a penis enlargement exercise video?

  13. only 5 more days til your dick gets chopped off, brandon

  14. We’re sure his dick’s not ‘d one’?

  15. Is Libby a shortened version of Lorena…?

  16. Spike, i have a friend named libby. it’s short for elizabeth.

  17. “Curt likes this.”
    Curt is a pervert.
    Who doesn’t himhaw around.

  18. It means I have not seen him since August 24th and when I do, it will be SexFest2009.

    And also, Living with Balls (ironic “screen name” for someone on a shit talking website), I still say himhaw, its short for I don’t beat around the bush, especially when there is no bush to beat around. Its a silly word, and I like it.

    Have fun haters 🙂

  19. @Jennie Yep. I know. I think you missed out on a joke there.

  20. Himhaw is stupid. Unrelated topic … Libby, why did you put quotations around “screen name?”

    Spike, I like your Lorena reference. Too bad it went over some heads.

  21. Well I don’t Libby around either. She makes my dick nervous.

  22. seriously, the comments sections on here are by far the only reason i come to this site. beautiful guys!

  23. I seriously don’t know what’s trashier, Libby’s comments on facebook or her defending herself on lamebook.

  24. And trust me, I know trashy, I’m from Kentucky.

  25. Sounds like a real Slobber- knocker

  26. My libia majora looks like an old turkey gobbler hanging down.

  27. just because your name is Libby doesn’t mean you can call “Labia” “Libia”

  28. I fist myself thinking about nigz.

  29. I personally enjoy having my dick HERE where i can see it. I don’t want it going anywhere.

  30. This relationship is doomed.

    Brandon has clearly communicated his discomfort with Libby’s blunt statement. Meanwhile Libby will eventually learn that men’s erections tend to be a lot less reliable when they are confronted with statements like “your dick is done.”

    Therefore in future she will likely choose the more dependable option of toys, in the company of other hefty women who curse a lot.

    Brandon’s future is a little less clear. While clearly indicating unease, his response is both misspelled and redundant. This suggests he is a moron, so it may take him a while to sort these things out.

    However, homosexuality is a real possibility here as well. He was brought up to think femininity is about softness, caring and decorum. Then he went out with Libby. This threatening-sounding reference to his Johnson will have been traumatic, and he may come to feel that it’s better to suck a dick than lose your own.

    My work is done here.

  31. What a retarded assessment from two post. A woman said something like that to me and obviously wasn’t threatening it I’d be hard all the way home. It’s obvious Brandon’s not gonna be able walk properly afterwards.

  32. How can you be so vulgar and inappropriate on a website for young teens of america!?!?! Everyday I look around on funny websites for mild entertainment and when I stumble into something as disgusting as this, it makes me wish God would punish those who disobey his Word. You’re obviously going to hell because if you haven’t seen your “lover” in that long you probably aren’t married, THAT IS A SIN! I prayed for you just now, that you may find your way some day before it’s too late. (2012) I will continue to pray for you and your parents. It is sad when adults do not raise their children in the love of Jesus.

    1 Corinthians 6:13b, 18 “Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commiteth fornication sinneth against his own body.”


  33. #32 – Joan, you suck. Is it lonely up there on your pedestal? Who are you to judge? Most of the Bible was written over 2000 years ago by “scholars” that had far less intelligence (all though you wouldn’t know it from many of these posts) than average Joe today. The evolution of the human brain has taught us that many of the “rules” that were in the Bible were in place to protect people from incidents that could occur from certain behaviors (i.e. don’t eat pork, circumcision). The problem with people like yourself is that you take things too literally. My suggestion to you is take a page from the Jews’ book and get laid (they are allowed to “do it” before marriage).

  34. No one wants to hear that shit Joan

  35. the troll needs food.

  36. JesusLUVSyou for lamest comment ever.

  37. Oh mercy. I’m lolling. Oh Mercy.


    Dearest Joan,

    Maybe if you read a book (other than the Bible) for once, you would know that Facebook was started as a website for COLLEGE STUDENTS. It wasn’t even accessible to “teens of America” because one had to have an actual university email address to get a Facebook.

    Also, this is hardly a “Christian” website, and yet you’re on it reading “vulgar” things just like the rest of us, so you’re obviously going to hell for being hypocritical, judgemental and misusing the word of God.

    Lastly, SHUT THE FUCK UP. You are the reason people don’t believe in God. You “honor” Jesus with your lips then sit around on your fat ass reading lamebook. Get out on the street corner Joan, those Bibles and pamphlets aren’t gonna hand out themselves.

  39. “I prayed for you just now, that you may find your way some day before it’s too late. (2012)” Did that stupid bitch Joan actually just imply that the end of world will happen in 2012? WTF? HAHAHA!! What a fucking idiot…

  40. Joan. What a cunt.

  41. @Joan Joan sounds like a woman’s name so I’m going to give you a little bible passage for you to remember because you are a stupid, bible thumping buzzkill.

    “I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men. She is to keep silent.” 1 Timothy 2:12

  42. having a girl tell my, “my dick is done” is probably the hottest thing that could be said.

  43. Jeffrey is gross, that’s TOO MUCH INFO. However, the much more vague “your dick is done” comment is kinda hot. Damn, I’d be happy if my girl said that.

  44. I love hearing you guys say that is hot. My husband gets annoyed if I “refer” to anything on facebook.

  45. yeah, it’s hot… kudos to her for not himhawing around.

  46. What #42 and #43 said

  47. As a straight girl, I actually think Libby’s comments are quite…sexy.

  48. a woman that knows what she wants. she’s a keeper.

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