Thursday, June 9, 2011

Will You Combine Profiles with Me?

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  1. First to say this is lame! Beat that Steeeeeeever.

  2. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Sometimes on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Katie takes Jakes balls out of her purse so he won’t forget what he used to have dangling down there.

  3. *Vomits*

  4. If i’m having relationship ‘problems’ I normally just reach for a rolling pin, cling film and a tub of Vaseline.

    But then I’m just an old fashioned kinda guy I guess.

    I’m Boursin at the seams.

  5. I actually have a married couple on mine that share a profile and constantly profess how happy and perfect their family is. He shags about like a tom cat mind.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Nothing says “Healthy Relationship” like having to constantly monitor your boyfriend because you don’t trust him to stay faithful without surveillance.

  7. My Uncle and his wife have a shared profile, largely because they only go on to see how I and my cousins are doing about twice a year, and don’t fully understand how to use Facebook. I think that’s perfectly healthy. This, however, is a fail. Plus the couple look around 15.

  8. If combining fbs is the only thing saving their relationship then I would think it wouldn’t be worth it in the first place. If he cheated on her in the past, or vice versa, then they should just cut ties and move on. Insecurity is not flattering for anyone.

  9. ((_8^(|) d’oh!

  10. This is the closest to digital marriage I’d ever seen. If marriage was about not trusting, self pitying, relationship braggin’, inmaturity in every level of what the word TRUST means…

  11. I’ve always wondered why people did this. Is it that they didn’t trust each other or that everyone else on Earth was a threat. Now I see, at least for these idiots, the answer is “yes.”

  12. “Jake and I were having problems, so we decided to combine our facebooks.”
    “Jake and I were having problems, so we decided to have a baby.”

    This is how it starts, people. Slippery slope.

    And of course by “we” I mean “Kate.”

  13. Stupidest. Idea. Ever.

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