Thursday, March 21, 2013

Classy Tat…

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  1. he’s wearing panties.

  2. What makes you think that’s a guy..?
    And this looks to me to just be a ballpoint pen, not a tattoo.

  3. it just looks like a dude. probably not though that was just my first impression. the post sucks anyway.

  4. If if IS a real tat, I imagine it was the most awkward assignment the ‘artist’ was ever handed.

  5. sleptwithghosts

    The chilling aftermath of YOLO.

  6. When i saw this post i thought “this looks stupid im going not going to read it.” But here i am…fuck this is stupid. When will i learn to trust my instincts?

  7. Why did this chick draw slugs on her belly?

  8. Since when do sperm have halos?

  9. The top one looks like it has a milkmans hat on. Must be HimalayanHindu’s mum.

  10. Skeet skeet

  11. Class. Wax job is pretty good although the male/female uncertainty has put me off somewhat. Still leaning to a skanky ho which makes it okay

  12. strange little worms that have a natural attraction to FUPA…

  13. I don’t see much fupa going on in that photograph, SRVEC4me. Are we looking at the same photo, or it that a totally unrelated fetish of yours? Doesn’t look like much of a wax job, either, Mr. PeePeeHead, perhaps she’s recently given a close shave, man. I’ve seen freshly a freshly waxed vaginal area dude, and that’s not it.

    If it’s fresh there’s also the possibility there may be a little puffiness, and may still be a little pink/reddish from the hot wax and mild inflammation, depending on how good/bad of a job they did. I still find the halo’s on the sperm mildly disturbing…but then again, towards the end I started referring to my ex-wife’s vagina as a sperm graveyard, a place where all of my potential offspring went to die after being discharged at the end of their short life-cycle…you know…when they didn’t leak out…

    This pissed her off to no end, but all I ever got out of her was a giggle and a playful slap, it didn’t stop me from getting any, rather, have my way with her long enough to deposit my seed and then go on with my day…fuck all that cuddling I love you bullshit, I hated that lying bitch. The relationship was over, but like any reasonable, smart guy, I just stuck around as long as I did for the freely accessible poon until I was able to court me a new lovely lady to share my time with, you know, a gal I could actually respect. Anyways, I’m starting to believe there’s some sort of trend with lower stomach tattoos, she got a trail of stars coming up from her lower stomach leading to her hips…maybe it is trending, because all sorts of up and coming adult “actresses” have that same pattern. Anyways, enough rambling for now. I just thought I’d contribute to lamebook’s lack of readable content. All these edgy one liners and boring insults are starting to get old. Perhaps one of these days some dedicated member of the comments section may get around to creating a forum of sorts where we can actually weed out the douchbag spammers and trolls and have some sort of “educated” discussion. At least comments with some sort of content deeper than “I fucked your mom”, “Faggot”, and “go suck a dick you self absorbed losers”. Yeah, there’s all sorts of forums out there, but still…I’m starting to look for something deeper than just an loosely “moderated” comments section full of 13 year old kids on summer break. I’m just starting to lose interest in staying in character with all the extra drama and bullshit that’s been rearing its ugly ass around here recently…Fuck it…/end rant…

  14. gee capn..maybe u should just stop reading lamebook comments then..n eat a bag-o-dicks while ur @ it..aww damn..another 15 yr old short comment

  15. BorderlineDane

    apparently the first one is jesus since its having a halo
    jesus reborn. folks

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