Thursday, March 21, 2013

That’s Some Language…

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  1. “Shaquinn” – says it all really!

  2. And if it was Shannon(the white version), and her kid that she was talking about, it would be all over the internet: Family laughs in tears after 6 year old kid says fuck Martin Luther King, hate our black president, and gonna go shoot up a KFC…..and now the family wants to try and send her to hollywood.

  3. #SwerveToGod made me chuckle, even though I hate the overuse of #s.

  4. What does #SwerveToGod mean? Unless she means swear to God

  5. This is appalling. I would like to leave this planet now please.

  6. Seems like a sweet kid..

  7. And den she be all like “LMAOOOOOO fuck da police, where my gran thef auto be at ma yo bYtch gib it 2 me” LMFAOAOAOAA my lil nigga got sum brite futchurs at da Taco Bell.

  8. Thanks affirmative action for giving these “humans” internet access.

  9. Dawn of the Dan

    The fuck are you talking about? In your mind, affirmative action was some kind of federal law that was passed to allow black people to use the internet?

  10. I’m swerving! I’m swerving!

  11. Woohoo! Hooray for illiterate n1gras!

  12. This is where the government needs to secretly move in and “remove” the kid and her parents from society.

  13. More proof that any FUCKIN IDIOT can have a child. Take this child, put her in a big slingshot, and shoot her out into the wilderness. She’d have a better chance being raised by wolves.

  14. Or eaten by the wolves…No need for them to raise another genetically flawed creature not fit for this planet. Just what we need is another animal that thinks it’s something it’s not. In the wild, without the ability or intelligence to craft the tools necessary to survive she’ll just become another liability for the wolves to look out for, she’d serve them better as a warm meal. Now if she was born with a a thick fur coat, learned to walk/run on four legs, grew the proper teeth to feed on wild game then I’d be impressed.

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