Thursday, March 21, 2013

Never OK, well… sometimes.

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  1. My ex-wife tried to hit me…once. I threw her overboard.

  2. I’ve never had to hit a woman.


  3. Woman doesn’t make you a sandwich. Knock her the fuck out.

  4. I have a vagina. I agree with the guy. Someone tries to rearrange your face you should be able to rearrange theirs.

  5. See, in a legitimate physical confrontation I don’t see gender as being that relevant. The only thing it really affects is changing your viable targets.

    I have problems wrestling around or sparring with women, though…because every time things start getting rough I always end up slapping them in their titties on accident, or hurting them in some other way. Then I just end up feeling bad about it.

  6. I hope you guys are joking. Just because women are equal to me doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same and can take a punch from a guy the same as another guy could. Kind of disturbed at all the agreement here. (Though I shouldn’t be surprised, it is the internet, after all).

  7. *men

  8. Evilcow, having a vagina doesn’t give you a free pass to go around hitting people and getting away with it. I don’t care what someone’s packin’, if you try and hit me, I’m either going to restrain you, or light you the fuck up. Of course, the given response will depend solely on level of force employed against me. If she’s a small framed, quick, and wirey little bird my first instinct would be to attempt restraining her, using the necessary force required to end her attack. If she’s a stocky butch monster then I’m going to take advantage of any opening I can get and lay her ass out, just like any man trying to take me out. If she pulls a knife, I’m going to use a shirt/blanket, and the nearest club like object to melee the fuck out of her with. Like I said, if someone is going to attack me, especially with a weapon, they’re fair game, regardless of gender. That doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, that’s not being sexist, it’s be fucking smart. Hell, I love women, but I’m not going to die for one, and I’m sure as shit not going to let one beat the shit out of me because some asshole thinks it’s wrong to hit a woman no matter what. Not hitting women is a general guideline for men, what it really means, is don’t abuse women. Know the difference, and quit try to troll, heifer 😛

  9. *being, *trying, ect…

  10. I certainly couldn’t bring myself to raising a hand to the model in the picture. Shaquinn, on the other hand…

  11. As a woman, I think it’s ridiculous to say that it’s never okay to hit a woman. What if you come across a woman attempting to murder a child? Is it okay to punch her then?

  12. Hell yeah Jessi! I don’t know about the rest of the U.S. but in Florida, if you were to come across a woman attempting to murder a child, promptly ending her life would be completely justified and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. 🙂

  13. It’s pretty disgusting to me to see abusive women taking advantage of men who refuse to hit them. I would never attempt to hit a man. A. because I know he’d most likely be capable of owning me physically. and B. If he won’t hit back, that makes him a pretty decent fucking guy who wouldn’t deserve it in the first place. If any men in my life were being physically accosted by a female, I would not look at them differently for defending themselves, no matter how bad she looked afterward.

  14. Lol you guys are just making up crazy scenarios. If you have to talk about killing babies to make your point, then it’s probably a shitty point. Obviously there are some specific times when hitting a woman would be justified. What I’m saying is that it’s ridiculous to say hitting a man and hitting a woman is the same thing.

  15. carlosspicyweiner

    What if the woman is attempting to kill a child who finds pleasure in kicking Rosa Parks off the bus? Are her actions justified or do they warrant a bitch slap from the pimp hand?

  16. You’re the one that brought up killing babies you sick fuck 😛
    The point I’m trying to get across, and it’s been made clear by the other women in this post is that it’s generally not acceptable to just go around hitting people without a justifiable reason regardless of who they are, penis or not.

    The point we’re trying to make is that there’s not much of a grey area regarding physical violence when it comes to a physical confrontation between man and women, aside from biased laws regarding domestic abuse…

    Now, these laws are enforced in such a way and viewed by most Leo’s to almost always see the man as the aggressor/bad guy (as seen when six cops showed up and surrounded me when I got arrested for allegedly punching my brother in the throat when that pussy ass little bitch called them up instead of standing up for himself like a man should, but that’s another story altogether…), which, as we know, especially those with direct experience have been unfairly subjected to.

    Example: My friend was attacked by an ex-girlfriend with a knife and he threw his shirt at her and kicked the blade out of her hand, in my front yard of all places…The neighbors called the police and said they heard a lot of screaming and someone had a weapon. When they got around to showing up they drew their guns on him and started treating him like the “woman abusing piece of shit that he was”. After questioning the witnesses and both of them, it all started because she was cheating on him and when he calmly, I might add, brought it up, she pulled out the knife and was threatening to stab him and claim self defence. It doesn’t work that way when 5-6 people saw exactly what happened….She ended up going to jail, and he walked, after the police apologized to him for treating him the way they did…but enough story-time..

    If a man is being attacked by a woman, with no provocation, hitting them back is perfectly acceptable, both morally, and legally speaking. I’m not going to stand around and let some girl pound on me while standing there like a little bitch. I’m going to fucking stop her. My first instinct would be to restrain her if I’m able (which have done with one of my ex’s (apparently she’s done it to others before and they just let it happen since she seemed very surprised when I blocked her punch) front of her mother of all places, and the mom said she going to call the police until I told her what happened…lol…then the mom started yelling at her telling her she had no reason to attack me like she did..she started crying and said she was sorry and didn’t know why she did it..), but if that doesn’t work, I’m going to hit her where it causes enough pain to make her rethink her decision, and, if that doesn’t work, I’m going to clock her in the her fucking dome hard enough to make her realize she’s being completely irrational and not thinking straight.

    I ALSO want to point out, that, not ALL women are dainty little unbreakable 110lb harmless little dancers (and while small, they’re often pretty fast and their wirey limbs can be hard to spot or catch a hold on when flailing around wildly). Have you ever been with a girl that does little more than sit on the couch watching teen mom and eating bon-bons and inhaling all the potato chips/crisps and shoving fudge in her mouth hole by the pound all day while waiting on her pizza hut delivery boy to show up with her 20 piece chicken wings and 2 extra large pizzas? Have you ever been with a girl who has to work to maintain her amazing body, who cooks healthy meals, and is always training for some sort of triathlon…a girl who spends hours a day working out, or at the gym? Have you ever dated a girl who doesn’t have the body of an overpriced airbrushed to hell valley-girl on the cover of Cosmopolitan or Ebony….if that’s your thing? I’ve been with women of all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of backgrounds. Some of them could easily beat the shit out your average of the street run of the mill kinda guy.

    I take violence directed toward those close to me, and myself very serious, and I absolutely refuse to be a victim. This isn’t about putting women on a pedestal (which is wrong in so many ways.) Most women I’ve known do wanted to be treated equal, but this isn’t about womens rights, and that’s not what they mean, either. They don’t wanted to be treated like a pussy, just because they have one. They want to be treated like a human being, not gender specific…but some take that to an extreme, like, I offered to help carry some bags for a girl after leaving the market, I knew these bags were somewhat heavy I just wanted to take some of the burden instead of looking like a twat walking beside her carrying nothing. When I asked if she would like me to carry a few she snapped and in a rude tone of voice told me no, and said just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she couldn’t do it, to which I responded, “I wasn’t saying you’re not capable of doing it, I just wanted to offer help instead of feeling like a useless jackass because I’m just walking around empty handed while you’re doing all the work” (location and objects changed to protect the identities of pretend characters..) ANYways…Mr. EvilCow, while I know the silly games you like to play, I’m still choosing to provide a response.

    TL;DR – Since some of you are not going read all of that anyways. Hitting a woman is the EXACT same thing as hitting a man. The only difference here is anatomy. The hitting remains a constant, unless you change the parameters to include different angles or applied force to said targets. Considering my argument, AFTER reading the above post or course, tell me how I’m wrong and I’ll consider discussing this further 🙂

  17. *Minor spelling/grammar discrepancies aside…When saying “have you ever been with”, what I mean is “have you ever known/seen”. Some of these examples come from stereotypes, or characters from american television. Like I was saying, the only difference when it comes to hitting a man or a woman is the targets available. I just feel like when you say there’s a huge differences you’re implying a some muscle jockey jersey shore dude beating on some scrawny ass girl from “da club” because snookie said she gave her a dirty look…lol…

  18. You know what Capn, I actually did read that super long post

  19. You’re obviously a sociopath if you think hitting a guy and hitting a girl and hitting a guy are the same. I don’t even buy into your “it’s ok if they’re fat” idea. And as far as in shape women, no woman can ever get near as in shape as a guy who works out to his full potential. So I suppose if you’re a really skinny guy, and there’s some giant girl that you’re pissed at, hit her. But really it just drives home the point of what a weakling you are.
    I will concede though, that if you only use violence when you absolutely without a doubt have to, that hitting a woman would be OK. But if you’re like most people that may get into fights out of anger and such, then hitting a woman is most definetly not the same as hitting a man.

  20. Evilcow is just trying to ruin feminism for women. By making it appear that feminism is about having special privileges instead of equal rights.

  21. See, now I know you were just fucking with me (at least as far as your first statement goes), considering my post had nothing to do with anger and refers exclusively to being attacked by a woman. I don’t advocate abuse in any way, from anyone. And whether people want to deny it or not, there are men out there being abused by women, and the man has every right to defend himself, too, without being treated like a piece of shit.

  22. Oh, and thank’s DarDar for taking the time to read it all, too many people are far too jumpy with the whole TL;DR mumbo jumbo. I just think it’s one of those subjects that need to get more attention. Men can be victims too, and because of the stigma attached nobody gives much attention to it.

  23. Friendzone, I’m not saying women deserve special treatment, I’m saying they deserve different treatment. Surely you don’t treat women exactly the same as men? If so, I doubt you get laid a lot.

    And abuse by women, lol. How can you even say that with a straight face? If you have that problem lift some weights.

  24. Oh come one, EvilCow…Haven’t you ever played the devils advocate in an argument? I know for a fact you have 😛 and, NO, I am not going to sift through the thousands of lamebook posts to dig one up. Though it won’t take long. You and I both know better than to say you haven’t…lol…I’m just trying to stimulate some sort of conversation and bring a little life back into this drab and dying comments section part of Lamebook. In fact…I’ve considered migrating to another part of the internet and starting a private, moderated sub-r….just for lamebook refugees to have uncensored conversation, and perhaps make their own submissions, not even necessarily related to face/lamebook posts exclusively…I’m working on it. IF it does pan out, at least it would make it possible to weed out the spammers and shit-slingers. I don’t even expect it to be big, and by no means a “replacement” for Lamebook…I’m thinking something along the lines of LamebookRefugees…but it’s just an idea I’ve been putting a little thought into…

  25. Haha it seems like you’d try to find a different online community for that. I kind of feel like Lamebook is one step away from YouTube comments.

  26. You’re surely not far off with that assumption…lol…which completely explains my frequent and growing periods of absence from this little third world country. It gets to a point sometimes where I think I’m killing off what brain cells I have left reading some of this hogwash. Really, I’m just in the process of finding a new place to “set up shop”, while still occasionally stopping in port for a visit, I’m not ambitious enough to start from the ground up.

  27. @Evilcow
    I’m fairly certain you haven’t ever talked to women all that much if you think treating them in a specific way either will or won’t get you laid.

  28. If you talk to them like you would talk to a dude you usually won’t get laid. But maybe you’ve had different experiences.

  29. I think EvilCow and the ‘Cap need to get a room. When I saw this stupid post, it pissed me off for many of the same reasons here. I agree, you should NEVER hit a woman, no matter what she did, not should you EVER hit a man. No one should ever hit. It’s like the first of many “rules” we learn as toddlers. Sadly, too many forget most of the rules that most kids learn. Every man knows that if he hits a chick and gets caught, he’s going to face a nasty backlash. 20 yrs ago, when I was 14 and hanging out at a football game, I was punched by a 20 yr old because I didn’t know what he meant by “gimme head”. No, I didn’t deserve that at all. No one does. Sick. Scary. Traumatic. Psychopathic. These campaigns are geared towards men because they’re more likely to express themselves physically than women, throw in genetics and an unhinged man becomes a deadly force. Duh. We know that. I can honestly say that I would have rather been beaten by the men who destroyed me emotionally on any day. That shit goes away with a little physical healing- attacks with words and long term conditioning? Not so easily. I’ve had both. Women are even better at manipulation, even better at “losing” it and sadly, a woman will sort of get away with physical violence. The perception of a man who gets attacked by a female is that of someone who deserved it. No one deserves it. I don’t care who you are, if you harm another in any way I just might snap. I’m a woman. I’m not small. I’m 5’11 and can hold my own. I will fuck you up and like stated preciously, I’m swift, wiry and move like a wrestler. I would expect you to fight back- man or woman. It comes down to being human and respecting other humans. Just because a man can do more damage doesn’t mean he needs the lecture, the “campaign”, etc…how many bitches go off, scratching, stabbing and hitting because they *think* their man is up to no good? Probably the same amount as those men who “hit”. Not many men report that their lady has beat them.

  30. iPhone typos, forgive my comment that made no sense. oops. That next to last sentence was supposed to say that MORE often than men, women go off and use physical violence when emotions run high. It’s just that when a man assaults a woman in a physical way- the damage is more obvious and it is much more likely to be reported. I’m not pro-woman beating by any means, it’s just that this type of propaganda only prevents healthy behavior at every level. Silly.

  31. You’re contradicting yourself, Hotmess. You’ve said it’s not ok to hit anyone, no matter what, yet later in your post you’ve justified doing it. Unfortunately we live in a world where there are some people that are only capable of understanding violence. It’s human nature, and to deny that, would simply present an uncultured, uneducated person, incapable of understanding how nature, and the human mind, works. There are plenty of scenarios in life that can and will present themselves where violence is the only reasonable and justifiable response, some extreme, some not. I’m not saying unprovoked violence is ok, usually it’s not. But there are plenty of situations people find themselves in where physical violence presents as the only viable option for defending ones self. And if you’re going to try and argue that we as people should curl up in the fetal position and take a beating because hitting someone is wrong than you’re an idiot. Am I wrong for thinking it’s ok to leave my boot imprint on someones face because they chose to come after me with a knife? I went to jail for hitting someone in self defence, was I wrong? Not only did the arresting officers agree with my actions (but law still dictated I be detained), but the Judge agreed, too, and dropped the case. If you’re agreeing with me in saying that in some situations it is ok, then I retract my statement. But to say that it’s wrong no matter what is just silly, and I think you’ll agree. I am offended that you think EvilCow and I should share a bed, just because we agree, though. That was just plain rude on your part, but I guess I can forgive you… 😀

  32. And abuse by women, lol. How can you even say that with a straight face? If you have that problem lift some weights.

    Somewhat contradicts your point of view, doesn’t it? Lift some weights and still let her punch you in the face?

    I’m 6’6″ and 250Lbs. My ex-wife is 5’6″ and 115lbs. She used to hit me all the time. Glad to hear you advocate that. Bitch.

  33. ^Poor you.

  34. haha.. you are such a fucking idiot. You think you’re arguments hold any credibility whatsoever. Ignorant cunt.

  35. hitting women is obviously wrong..i’ll slap da shit outta any bitch dat disagrees

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