Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Spice Nazi

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  2. ^ It’s ‘Heil’ you douche.

  3. sleptwithghosts

    No its just you.

  4. It took me a while to see it, and I definitely had to look closely for it. So, yeah, it’s you.

    Nazis aren’t very spicy.

  5. DanR, It will be whatever the hell I say it is

  6. @beatus: How did it take you a while to see it? Oh wait you’re american, no wonder.

  7. @6… he had to be bombed in his island before he saw it.

  8. @7: What island? I’m from Finland.

  9. @8 That explains your bitterness.

  10. Exactly. I’m not a bigot in any way, so I don’t notice stupid stuff like that right away.

  11. I do believe, the naysayers of this post are referring to the lack of resemblance to the word “nazi” when viewing the picture. Yes, it’s there but you practically had to pull the image out of your ass to see any coincidence. Overall, it’s just not funny, so quit bickering.

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