Friday, August 13, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. The last three elicited an “oh my god…” from me. How do people as dumb as Aiden even manage to turn on a computer, let alone create a facebook page and update their status?

  2. LOL<—- I actually did.


    Fucking a man.

  4. hmm, i thought “fucking a” was just used around my area.

  5. Everybody and their dog says “fucken a”

  6. Fuckin’ A Fuckin’ I Fuckin’ U
    Fuckin’ B Fuckin’ J Fuckin’ V
    Fuckin’ C Fuckin’ K Fuckin’ W
    Fuckin’ D Fuckin’ LMNOP Fuckin’ X
    Fuckin’ E Fuckin’ Q Fuckin’ Y
    Fuckin’ F Fuckin’ R Fuckin’ Z
    Fuckin’ G Fuckin’ S
    Fuckin’ H Fuckin’ T

    Now I know my fuckin’ ABC’s. Don’t you wish you had a giant coke like me.

    Cock* I meant cock! Fuckin’ a dude!

  7. Pain is Tempary, mis-spelt tattoos are permanent.

  8. You’ve gotta believe that there’s now yet another tattoo artist laughing their ass off knowing they just totally screwed someone for life. After all, they’re paid to tattoo people, not edit their idiocy.

    Also, the cock diet is quite the way to lose weight and still get protein. It was invented by a man, of course.

  9. Diet cock? No thank you. Morbidly obese cock? Yes please.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns, I wanna meet your talking dog! Fuckin A!

  11. @1 LMAO!

    @2 Diet Cock is a new diet sponsored by Nuff Corp. Ladies, just think of the calories you can burn being on top!

    @3 Rachael just plans on running across the world so she can see the sunset earlier. Duhhh.

    @4 I plead tempary insanity. I wonder if the judge will accept that.

    @5 Aidan, anorexia is a serious health issue, get some help. Also, there’s no cure for stupidity, so just try and work on the first thing said.

  12. “diet cock” was either done on purpose, because that’s no typo, or it was a Freudian Slip of some sort. Either way, it wasn’t that funny. The rest were pretty good. Stupid people make me laugh.

  13. One of these posts has my name! I feel so special, no one ever shares my name.

  14. Oh Ryan but you can beat it

    I heard diet vag is better

    Racheal I know a girl like you, she thought that 3rd ment 3wheel drive. You two must share one brain

    You probably should have finished fifth grade.

    Aidan apply the above as well

  15. Sarah’s is not a typo or anything Freudian. She just left out a word. What that’s actually meant to say is: Sarah neeeeeeeeeeeeds a diet OF cock.

    Sarah, now when you put it like that, I cannot disagree with you, girl.

  16. So Rachael is going out for a run at 5:30 AM while the sun is setting, and Ryan is fucking a dude while watching the sun rise. Must be the southern hemisphere, where everything is backwards and tempary is an actual word.

  17. LOL @ wordpervert! GOOD ONE! I stand corrected! The girl needs a cock, someone get her one, STAT!

  18. @FHsGirl

    There is no cock to be had in this forum. C’mon. This is Lamebook.

  19. Diet of cock? Looks like I’m switching careers and becoming a nutritionist.

  20. And I’d like to be your first consultation, Comments.

  21. FHsGirl, i was gonna say that, since her comment was left about a minute ago, and you’d have to be awful at typing to type ‘cock’ instead of ‘coke’.

  22. I think they need to start using spellcheck for tattoos.

  23. a diet cock hahaha

  24. i wonder how does lamebook gets into people statuses without violating their privacy rights

  25. I don’t want a cock on a diet. I prefer mine fat.

  26. Fabio, LB doesn’t get into statuses. “Friends” submit a screen print of them.

  27. The new diet cock. Because normal semen is high in sugar.

  28. Leilahsmom, the cock itself isn’t on a diet. Diet Cock consists of lots of exercise and a higher amount of protein intake as mentioned in post #8. The diet itself is not discrimanatory against either gender as well, though men have a higher health risk and it is not nearly as safe for them, and therefore not recommended. It’s all you can eat and it’s best served footlong. Some people love the buffets, the servings are in much bigger proportions. Coke is a complimentary supplement to the diet as well.

  29. nuff, I would really like to know where this cock buffet is!

  30. what, ee, you like cock?

    here’s me thinking for the past few months you’re just particularly prone to the odd freudian slip…

  31. lol

  32. It took me a minute to even figure out what Ryan was trying to say. Apparently I’m not as fluent in Idiot as I previously thought.

  33. @word

    Sorry, got dragged away by the duties of my career I am switching from. Of course you’re my first consulation, who better to work out the details of the new program.

    and welcome back Mal

  34. It’s been known to happen alord.

  35. ee gets Freudian with me all the time. I love it.

  36. I have been voyueristic here for a long time. But tempary forced me to register. Love the tattoo.

    Also… nuff… I would like to be a tempary employee of Nuff Corp, but only in the secretary sitting in your lap kind of way. I love you man!

  37. Diet cock – it’s just like regular cock but without all the calories.

  38. Hey, I’d find fucking a dude in a hot tub while watching the sun rise a peak experience to say the least. Ryan sounds like my kinda guy…well, actually the dude he was fucking does.

  39. @17, Doc, if that bitch needs a cock for some type of medical procedure I suggest you try the morgue.

  40. Wow…I’m sure it would do her better justice than you would.

  41. defectiveuser, is your comment in response to my comment?

  42. Yeah ok, I was a little confused but I think I’ve figured it out. Your reading comprehension level is low, isn’t it?

  43. No I understood the whole exchange…

    But I’m not going to feed into your trolling.

  44. I’ve lost count of the amount of sunrises I’ve seen whilst hanging out of the back of a dude.

    Fuck the other guys shit tattoo, what about his pre-pubecesant facial hair!? Shave it off you fucking muppett, you look like a right cock, with a shit tattoo, and weird eyes and a pudgy little pig nose, and eight double chins.

    I bet this dude was the fella Ryan was fucking in the hot tub.

  45. Wow, you’re a dumb shit. You cannot be serious.

  46. I knew Tempary years ago.
    He was, let us say, not the brightest bulb in the box (as you can see) and this is actually an improvement of his spelling!

  47. lol i went to school with the “tempary” guy just like kamina and were both loving this! Once a douche canoe always a douche canoe 😛

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