Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clay is Still Killin’ It

Clay is Killin it Part One – Click Here

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  1. I used to get really worried by this kind of crap when I was a kid.

  2. If you read this, I will hunt you down and terminate you.

  3. Velocirobber, When I read these, I still get worried, but about the future of this world.


    i hate clowns.

  5. I think Clay should be killed instead.

  6. Like dis if u cry evry time! Oh wait I’m getting confused here.

  7. Why are all Claytons such unfunny, wet cunts?

  8. Bacchante, I have a feeling these Claytons are all the same cunt.

  9. Yeah, but notice how the Claytons you meet IRL are exactly. the. fucking. same?
    I’ll bet that the moderator who decided these were “gold” is a fucking Clayton too.

  10. ^maybe the mod didn’t think they were gold, per se, perhaps the title ‘Killin’ it’ refers to comedy, originality and my good mood?

  11. I hate Clayton.

  12. I have yet to meat a Clayton in real life. As far as I’m concerned, a Clayton is a mythical creature.

  13. *meet. Dammit!

  14. I cry every time I remember that American Idol is a real thing

  15. Agree with #3

  16. @12 “Meat” was funnier!

  17. I admit, “meat” was funnier.

  18. I have a cousin who’s a Clayton, he would be cool if he didn’t dress like a douchebag

  19. @14 Me too.

  20. as Eddie implied I’m blown away that a person able to profit $7977 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site N u t t y R i c h d o t c om

  21. Beatusmongous – what/who is your avatar? I’m curious.

  22. It looks like Ghaddafi, but its actually a Mexican dude who used to work with me.

  23. …a mexican terrorist?

  24. Hence the words “used to.”

    He thought the bus to Reno would have more riders that day…

  25. bus?
    please tell me he jacked it and drove screaming mexican obscenities into the side of a taco bell.

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