Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Austin is Bored with His Job

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  1. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Sometimes I have trouble jacking off to Internet porn videos. Nice lesbian or girl solo scene and then all of a sudden a penis enlargement ad comes floating in.

  2. This is fake.


    total photoshop.

  4. Correct. T100 is fake. I am the T 1000.

  5. Lesbian and solo porn is insanely boring. I have nothing against lesbians, just watching them have sex is worse than watching the hair on an old man’s nutsac grow.

  6. ‘never go full retard’, eh? so you’ll be skipping your own advice, then, Austin?

  7. So, then, you admit you’ve watched the hair on an old man’s nut sack grow, Crane?

  8. maybe crane is an old man?

  9. Where I come from, if you’re over the age of 70, nudity in public is mandatory. Can’t break from tradition.

  10. I’m going to retire in your town, Crane.

  11. ^Hell I am nude right now. The librarian is winking at me.

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