Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear English…

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  1. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    What are freis? They sound good.

  2. Really? That’s the misspelling you picked out?

  3. Fail. to the max.

  4. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    ^^better start listening to your own name.

  5. “Fail. to the max”?? Really? Go back to middle school, tard.

  6. Dear Ethan,

    Go fcuk yourself.

    Sincerely, Beatusmongous.

  7. Ethan is incorrect and fake. “u” is not spelt with the first and last letter in place.


    fail to the max is rad.

    i want freis

  9. I never understood the cliche that fast food employees would suggest french fries for an order when french fries have almost certainly got to be their most popular item. Shouldn’t they be suggesting an item the buyer might overlook — like a dessert item or a drink — rather than the most popular item that 99% of people would never overlook?

  10. sometimes misspellings contain entirely wrong letters, can you plz alter your butthurt rant to accommodate that shit too, Ethan?

    let’s have a look at it then and you can tell me how fucking important spelling isn’t?

  11. speaking of butthurt, msanne, are you over your butthurt on me calling you out over your alcohol remedy? ‘cos your alcohol remedy sucks, msanne.

  12. “Sleeping is not that important”? I disagree.

  13. Why can’t there be more Chris and less Ethan in the world?

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