Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jugg Heads

More idiot Juggalos here and here.

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  1. Not first

  2. With that attitude, and that lack of care about education, of course you’re gonna get grief… Dumbass!!!!

  3. Juggalos – making the case for eugenics, one clown at a time.

  4. what the hell is……what? -_-

  5. Apparently you really can’t teach this idiot shit he doesn’t know.

    Also, he is glad he dropped out, but mad the principal told him he could?

  6. Mr Morgen wins

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    Mr Boner wins

  8. Codename Dutchess

    All these fucking retards should be sterilized, anyone who declares ‘whoop whoop’ shot on sight. No questions asked. If you’re a parent to one of these fuckwits a yearly tax needs to levied for having to coexist with your spawn.

  9. …he was 17 in grade 10? o.O

  10. I don’t know why you are all hating on this obviously very intelligent and educated man! WHOOP WHOOP!

    Just kidding. Fuck juggalos.

  11. 17 and still in 10th grade? Dropping out was really probably your only option at that point. Don’t be mad at your principal for not wanting to babysit you for the next 6 years. (at the rate you were going, I can only assume that’s how long it would have taken you to finish 2 more years)

  12. Somebody needs a hug!

  13. i quit schgool in tenth grade cause u cant teach me shit i dont know

    If colleges offered Retard Philosophy 101, Josh would be a tenured professor. Just don’t ask him how magnets work.

  14. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    So the gist of his story is “I don’t think school is worthwhile and I’m angry that they let me leave and wouldn’t let me come back.” Obviously consistency of thought is among the “shit I don’t know”.

  15. This guy doesnt know what he’s mad at so he’s putting up a retarded front to “the man”. Such typical high school boy outcast drama. One of my ex’s was like this. It’s misdirected hostility that will fade away in a couple of years when he’s excepted a dead end job at a machine shop covered in clown tattoos. I promise you this.

  16. Correction!: *accepted. Thank you.

  17. Unfortunately, they breed… and teach their spawn to be just like them….

  18. Exhibit A ~ This is clearly the reason why people need to pass a test in order to have children. ~Facetable~

  19. This is the power of Juggalos: they are so fucking worthless that nothing you say to mock them can possibly be as insulting or traumatizing as the day-to-day reality of having to continue to exist as a juggalo.

  20. juggalos are gay. nuff said

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