Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clive Clues Him In

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  1. Steroids are fake.

  2. The boyfriend probably is working with more in the peen department, too.

  3. Mmmm… Love me some shrunken scrotum and man tits!

  4. Mutants are vile creatures.
    Mutants are the cancer of Earth.

  5. ^wtf? those dudes are clearly nigs, yt.

  6. He’s back! Fuck yeah!

  7. Don’t get so excited, bradles. Jeez.

    Yeah # 5, Nkosana isn’t a white dude’s name, is it?

  8. ^well that, and just look at the pics.

  9. ytmutation is fake.

  10. True. They’re definitely darkies.

    ytmutant gets confused easily. Probably because he hasn’t been enhanced (physically and intellectually) by evolution the way we have.

  11. I have nothing but sympathy for yt (no. I’m lying).
    That whole kony2012 thing really shut him the fuck up.

  12. He doesn’t really look decent and well mannered. He looks like he’s standing there, staring at me like a fucken creeper.
    Sorry bacc it’s hard not to get a little wet. At least his trolling consists of more than two words.

  13. Clive is a total wimp.

  14. I fucked Clive’s mom. Suck it, MsAnneThrope.

  15. Looks like he’s been Decapitated.

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