Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clownin’ Around

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  1. First?

  2. I live in Houston and this is QUITE TRUE!!!

  3. I’ll take Houston water over south Florida water, which tastes more like rotten eggs marinated in the sweat of fifty obese alcoholics.

  4. The water is fresh and clear where I live.

  5. I make my own water.

  6. Adriano dude, you should at least try to keep it a little relevant to what your friend wants to talk about. Yeah I’ve hijacked threads before but it was for something more interesting than the water in Houston.

  7. Codename Dutchess

    I havent drank any ‘new’ water in years, its my urine or nothing. Thank you, Kevin Costner.

  8. @Jimsthename:
    it was relevant because I described what water tasted like in houston. if you have ever drank it, you would under stand. also this was my moms post so there was only so much i could say.

  9. did you tell your mom to put the …’s in too?
    I bet you yell at her if your peas are touching carrots.

  10. Did you write that so you could self submit?

  11. Audrey sounds like she’s really tight and sweet. I’d like to flavour my water with some of her love syrup.

  12. she is almost 60 and has had 5 kids. all vaginal birth. im not sure there’s any “love syrup” left, but I bet if you gave her a box of corn starch she will make you a batch of butt gravy.

  13. haha shlatekkin, your mom!
    oh wait, you already did that =/

  14. Well if she was still tight enough to coax out some man sauce after launch number 4, she most likely stayed intact after launch 5. And it sounds like she uses the poopopper as a backup anyway.

  15. 14.. Thank you for the interesting virus link. My AV enjoyed fucking its arse.

  16. Why are there so many virus links????!

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