Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come Again?



Jesus. This hurts my head. Who are you? Learn how to fucking speak english.
♥ The Editors

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  1. he is merely using Jamaican creole

  2. He never had a chance, even his name is spelled wrong.

  3. There’s nothing lame about this.


  5. Like someone said…There is nothing lame about this. It’s what Jamaicans speak….Maybe you should take time out and learn more about other cultures before writing shit?

  6. Sounds like editors on lamebook ain’t the biggest fans of reggae

  7. jamaican, or Patois (pat-wah) is a language, it has many loanwords that come from English.

  8. Yeah, lamebook at best is pretty funny and at worst, an accidental exposé of the editor’s subtly racist attitudes.

  9. rubbish immature people, get back to posting the real lame ducks here ffs

  10. Let me translate – “Those girls know what I like to do.”

    I’m not Jamaican, but I am Trinidadian and like all Caribbean people we’ve had to basically learn two types of English. One for the rest of you and the other to speak amongst ourselves.

    Sometimes you need to understand the difference between a dialect and a jackass.

  11. daggering ftw

  12. I think he’s just speaking Dutch.

  13. It’s simply jamaican. nothing funny about this.

  14. being ignorant about another culture does not equal being racist you idiots

  15. it does make you ignorant though

  16. Really Lamebook? Not only was this posted (long ago, i know i’m slow on the uptake) but it was made a Lamester? I’m not from the Caribbean but I’m from an island where we speak a very similar dialect and ontop of that we speak proper ENGLISH! many times i’ve posted things in a similar way and had americans take a go at me for not knowing “english” and that i must be retarded for spelling that way.


  17. perfidious_albion

    It’s not like the yanks have a monopoly on grammatical correctness, not even in their own dialect

  18. perfidious_albion

    Oh, and I am white and I was brought up in London, never been to Caribbean in me life and I understood what he meant

    blood claat

  19. “and I understood what he meant”
    And you’re proud of that?

  20. in a way, hes not speaking english, its jamaican patois. not lame. if you ever heard dancehall you would know exactly what hes saying.

  21. Actually that’s not even close to jamaican patois. It’s just a “I’m such a big loser I’ll pretend I am a gangster that made money on the streets instead of going to school to learn my own language.” But surely it’s all just for fun. Definitely NOT patois. And I’m Italian, even I could see it!
    AND probably I just wrote the lamest comment on a middle-level-lame lamebook post comment.
    Does this make any sense? Fuck it I’m just trying to improve my English.

  22. this just shows some peoples inability to understand and respect other people’s cultures, i’m jamaican and i just think this is ignorance on the editors part as if an american wrote ‘mom’ on their facebook i wouldn’t tell them to ‘learn how to speak fucking english’ as thats just the way they talk and spell words in their culture, just because i don’t spell it or say it like that, its the same thing… ignorance

  23. and in reply to bs’s comment, his name might not be spelt wrong that just may have been the name he was christened, did you ever think of that?

  24. No matter if you are from Jamaica or Trinidad, the official language in both is English. My native language isn’t English so I speak it like a mongoloid, yet I write it rather correctly. Judging from the blurry picture he looks paler than I am, thus making it more than OK to insult him without being an ignoramus. Stop being so touchy.

  25. Exactly. If you write in English, at least write it so that it can be understood, fuckface. So lame.

  26. So a bunch of people are ripping on the fact that the editors didn’t realize this is an actual dialect? I’m sorry if I’m behind the times or sheltered or ignorant or something, but I have NEVER heard anyone speak like this in the continental US, so forgive me if I assume this guy (who clearly understands English) is just being another douchebag idiot in a sea of other douchebag idiots.

    BTW, my favorite editors’ comment yet. Simple and to the point.

  27. Mmm patois :3

    Translated: Females understand what I take great pleasure in doing.

    Which is probably sex.

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