Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Come on Guys!


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  1. Nick FTW!

  2. Nick. You win. Everything.
    I like mojitos? And martinis and shirley temples. Am I queer?

  3. that depends… you got cum on yo shirt?

  4. Nice to see homophobia is alive and well on Facebook AND on Lamebook. Nice.

  5. win win win win win

  6. @colinATL I’ll bet money that you’re not gay.

  7. boz ftw

  8. Hey colin, there’s a difference between stereotyping and homophobia. Oh and this post isn’t lame. It’s just awesome.

  9. I’m pretty sure that stereotyping gay men as having cum all over their shirt is homophobia.

  10. every gay person i know has cum all over their shirts

  11. Is that homophobic? Is homophobia defined the same way racism is? I honestly don’t know. I always thought of homophobia as a fear of gay people e.g. “all gay guys want to make out with me!” It’s stereotyping and homophobic. I could be very wrong. I honestly don’t know

  12. so i guess there is no right way to not like gays. preety lame if you ask me.

  13. Nick’s comments are directed at Michael, he’s not making any sweeping generalisations about homosexuals. It reads to me like the only reason there’s even the hint of homophobia in his response is to play on Michael’s obvious insecurities.

  14. @ do i?

    Yeah, there’s no way to not like black people, or jewish people, or women or Christians, either, you giant fucking clown taint. disliking someone because of arbitrary traits instead of their own personality is never okay. For example, you want to not like all gays because they are gay, that is not okay. I hate you because you’re a shiteating idiot; that is okay.

  15. Hey Jesus, since you’re here…What does the “H” stand for? I’ve always wondered.

  16. The pwnage is epic. XD

  17. @jesus h. christ.

    your comment was the best. you should be a deity in an important religion or something.

  18. @jesus H.

    This is exactly what I think the real Jesus would say about homophobes like “do I”. Including the “giant fucking clown taint” bit.

  19. Why am I yawning?

  20. If cum is splattered down the front of your shirt, you’re doing it wrong.

  21. I think Nick is just suggesting that Mike jerks off a lot.

  22. @classy

    the ‘h’ stands for Holy..

    and the comments are always better on this site.. Pure awesomness..

    i thought queers swallowed? lol kidding!

  23. @ Flip, you got hungry with all the cum talk?

    Nick dude, This is raw pwnage!

  24. This seems more like a stupid little inside joke between Michael and Nick.

  25. If I was the Lord of the Gays, I’d tell them to rise up against their oppressors, shake off their yoke and start inserting deliberate mistakes into the interior decoration and hairstyles of straight people.

  26. Nick is awesome

  27. 27 comments later, Nick is still champion

  28. I lol’d.

  29. Admin, FTW

    For naming the post “Come on Guys!”

  30. Again … Nick wins.

  31. ColinATL is a fag


  32. shhhhhh…..i see gay people

  33. Nick is a fucking fascist. Funny though.

  34. Well the nectar of queers is cum, except for the lesbians, I’ve heard they don’t like it too much.

    @Bee the ones who swallow are the only ones who are liked in the community, the ones who don’t are a waste a of time. I mean everyone knows that you need protein after a good work out!

    Seriously though, I think this post is hilarious. More so if it’s two gay guys or even if just one of them is. I have a number of friends who would say to me what Michael said, and it would be meant tongue in cheek (oh that could be kinda dirty). Mind you I don’t normally drink mojitos – I like my Guinness, scotch, and red wine – but if it contains alcohol in it and I want to party I’ll drink it.

  35. My anus burns with delight!

  36. I was a lapsed catholic but now I’m a little bit in love with Jesus H. Christ. I’m going to church tomorrow. My mommy will be so happy. Thank you lamebook!

  37. To the people who find Nick’s response homophobic: I don’t read it as him calling Michael gay. I read it as him mocking Michael for being a loser who jerks off to porn in his parents’ basement all day (and apparently doesn’t do laundry).

    If he’d talked about cum down the BACK of all his shirts, that might point to the gay thing. 😀

  38. And this just goes to show… true fwds might stick you up the @ss… but never in the back… or is it the other way around…

  39. NICK FOR THE FUCKING WIN!!!!!! Best response ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Funny.

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