Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damage Control

Damage Control

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  1. The internet is forever.

  2. Absolutely stellar on the mother’s part. Maybe her way of handling disputes has something to do with his taking his sweet time to pay? Seriously, posting something like this on a photo wouldn’t do anything to make me feel more like working it out. I think she’s more lame than he is.

  3. @wtf

    She is not the mother. Notice she says “your daughter” I would think she would say “our”.

    Anyway that was lame 🙂

  4. Jessi is a twat pocket

  5. Perhaps Jessi would find car insurance more effective than whining on Facebook.

  6. I think Sami is the mother, not Jessi. I agree though, Jessi is a prize c***.

  7. Can I just say that today is the best lamebook posting day ever. Kudos, admins.

  8. On what planet would this be the appropriate place to demand money? He might be in the wrong and owe you, Jessi, but now you look like the asshole.

  9. Hmmm just need to find my ex for back maintenance… and that guy that robbed my house. OMF I can sue anyone from Face Book!!

  10. Really, Jessi? On a seemingly touching photo of a child and her father? You thought, “Hey, now would be a good time to remind him of that dent in my car.” I know that when I’m looking at photos of puppies and butterflies I think, “That bitch, Aly STILL has my shoes.”

    What a twat waffle.

  11. Maybe Jessi tried everything else to get her money, and decided to finally expose Ian as the cheapskate he is. Now all his friends know that he won’t pay what he owes.

  12. I agree with Ripley. I’m on Jessi’s side of things. if it’s been 8 fucking months, shit has got to be confronted.

  13. Hey Ripley,

    Do we really know that? I mean, based on Jessi’s obvious spite, I would guess there’s entirely another side to the story. It looks to me like a cheap attempt to get people to think exactly what you’re thinking, without any facts to back it up. I would actually be weary of Jessi more than the guy based on her choices to post where she did.

  14. Team Jessi, you guys are pretentious fucks.

  15. And the winner of the “Uhh, Anyways…” Award goes to Amy for that stellar side step around the Twat Waffle.

  16. This does reflect worse on Jessi than it does on anyone else, even if she’s right.

  17. Amy: Uh, nothing to see here!

  18. lol @Muff

  19. Post it on her wall!! not everyone sees the pictures, and since you can like your own picture, maybe only Sami and Amy have viewed the picture.
    2 dollars Jessi is the ex-girlfiend, mistress wife…

  20. **ex WIFE

  21. I agree with Flip – Jessi’s post has the bitter taint of a scorned ex.

  22. Amy blatently ignores the elephant in the post

  23. @ Jelly … true dat.

  24. Amy is definitely the best part of this post.

  25. He’s probably a deadbeat “father” who posts photos of his kid on facebook like he’s such an awesome dad and meanwhile owes the mum money. My ex is a lying deadbeat dad too. I know one when I see one. I can totally understand why she did this. She’s probably so sick of his lies, she wants everyone to know the truth. Like Flip said, she should have posted it on the wall for everyone to see 🙂

  26. he put a dent in her ass too!

  27. I seem to be the only one who thinks that Jessi is badass.

  28. @Trillian
    ‘I know one when I see one’. Genius. Seriously, what do you know about this guy? Just short of nothing but you are prepared to wade in and sum him up in one fell swoop. No, well done you. Not enough people in this world shut their eyes and go in swinging rather than looking at facts. As someone once said, ‘you can prove anything with facts’! You carry on projecting your issues onto a complete stranger.
    Personally I think he’s a closet queer, and Amy is Jessi’s pimp because I know one when I see one!
    Peace and love.

  29. @rank

    this isn’t a court room it’s a forum where people come to give their opinions about stupid facebook posts. What facts are you talking about?? None of us know what the facts are do we? Not even you smartass. Unless you are Ian.

    Calm down

  30. Billy Joe Bob McGee

    Look. Jessi is obviously a bitch. Ian may, or may not actually owe her money, but to drag the child into it like this is shameful.
    All of you masturbate immediately.

  31. @Billy Joe Bob McGee
    #30 Your posting would have been funny as a two lined affair but the 3rd line with the completely unexpected tangent….that’s genius right there….pure , unadulterated genius…

  32. I have this feeling that Ian actually enjoys not paying for the damage. Jessi, tactless.

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