Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comical Complications

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  1. And-Drew, you are my here-ho.

  2. And please don’t ever stick your dick in anyone, not even if it’s a guy, you obviously don’t have the intellect to know how to work that condom thingy. Best if you just put it on your head and do the balloon thing, I imagine it will be more entertaining than the helmet.

  3. P.S. Stever: SUCK IT!!!!

  4. @throwingtofu…. who uses condoms anyways? dbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbd

  5. last one is old, i’m sure it’s been on here before as well.

    Frodo fail

  6. His name is and-drew. He knows what the letter d is obviously. Unfunny.

  7. Eric, I think it WAS the best choice of words.

    And-Drew…um, OK.

  8. This Charming Man

    Plan for getting rid of people like And-Drew:

    1. Announce plans for a free concert for a stadium rock group (preferably U2) in a stadium with a roof.
    2. Ensure that only those who shouldn’t EVER procreate are invited.
    3. Gas them all.

    Nice and simple. Oh, and Bono is gone too.

  9. Cut And-Drew some slack, folks! Letters can be tough!

    It’s not like he has a ‘d’ in his na— Oh, um, well, yeah ok, he has the 1… but still, that’s just a warm up. To really get the difference between ‘d’ and ‘b’ you’d have to have a name where you use the letter at least 2 times— oh. huh, look atthat. there it is again…. shit.

    ok andrew, you are on your own, buddy. also, you are a moron.

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    I don’t have a backwards b on my keyboard at all! Corrine must have some wacky foreign hardware.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    DukeGuy????? WTF?

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns? How the hell did you get on here – get back on the top of my smoothy legs right now!

    oh and I was right:


  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lol dude of course everyone knows it’s an old joke. I was referring to the fact that when I decided to use my screen name I was hoping you had gone the way of Zombie kid, so I could be the only person with Duke in their name. And Wow how did you get your legs so smooth? I used a chemical agent on my buns but yours are so much better.

  14. I’m here to usurp you D.S.B

    And my tip is to find a dog with a tongue like a blacksmith’s rasp and plenty of peanut butter

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Thanks for the tip DukeGuy I already know a dog like that and luckily I bought a huge jar of PB&J mix so this should be fun. Also I miss Ben, the two of you were so good together, ahh good times. This site has really gone to shit.

  16. Shawn’s post makes zero sense to me. Is it worth explaining?

  17. Reason why I haven’t been here for a while D.S.B is because someone (I would suspect Ben) grassed me up, though I don’t know how or why and I ended up being contacted by Ted L. Nancy (I checked the email header and it was from the real Ted L. Nancy) telling me that I was slandering him and copying him on the internets! True story.

    And who would have imagined it – plaguarism and slander on the interwebs…wonders never cease!

    (I have also had to agree to a disclaimer of not publishing any of the emails from Ted L. Nancy, under penatly of death, or being sued, though I have no money, or something)

  18. Ohhh, I get it, Shawn’s post is lame because it mentions black people and that’s racist.

  19. I can has an upside down b

    look: p

    I has perfect control of the Internets

  20. The last one made me cry a little bit. I hate humans.

  21. @This Charming Man. We should set up an ‘Inglorious Basterds’ type ending for all the fuckwits inhabiting the planet. We’ll tell them we’re make another Sex and the City film, then have the face of Stephen Fry screaming at them at the end of the film.

    We shall also replace all the door handles that say “PUSH” to ones that say “PULL”, set the place alight, stand back, and giggle to ourselves until boredom sets in, then we shall begin on a new and more glorious endeavour.


    Looking back over what I’ve just typed, I’m happy with my plan, and would like to put it into action.

  22. Once someone asked me how I had used an umlaut on a particular site. They cut and pasted my original post as part of their question (w/ the umlaut included). I thought it was pretty funny, and at no time did it send me into a derivative homicidal reverie.

  23. I guess I’m just an angry fella.

  24. At least you’ve found an outlet.

  25. The internetz are a perfect outlet. No-one knows you, nor has to acknowledge you. They can simply read something, then dismiss it.

  26. I take everything to heart that I read on here – most of it will make my memoirs I expect. Especially BEN and Frodo’s pool.

  27. @DukeGuy. I just read your blog, and I’m sure it will make you feel warm and cosy inside when I tell you it made me chuckle. It has duly been added to my bookmarks, in full expectation of further lols in the near future.

  28. I miss the days of yelling at passers-by on street corners. I felt I really made a difference then.

  29. and at your post @12… I thought I had seen that somewhere before! I just could not remember where.

  30. Unfortunately, nowadays that earns you a drunk and disorderly charge (if you were to be drunk, and indeed disorderly, as I expect I would be). I would hate to end up with a criminal record for expressing my dismay.

  31. This Charming Man

    @ Silly-Billy: I would say to see someone about that rage of yours but if it helps you to come up with plans as good as that, I wish for it to run free. I applaud your ingenuity and look forward to our plan bearing glorious fruit.

  32. And-drew’s has gotta be faked. It was better when it was on a decade ago.

  33. @ DukeGuy; You use 4chan. Therefore you are a paedophile and I hate you.


    God you guys are shit.

  35. By the way, you guys are pretty stupid and ignorant yourself for not knowing it’s not only fake, but was taken from

    Does this mean you’ll get gassed too?! O:

  36. Hitler didn’t try to kill people who weren’t smart enough. He tried to kill those with mental retardation along with lots of totally normal people, including a number of brilliant Jews who fled the country and produced the A-bomb for the other side.

    I didn’t know it was from or even that said website exists; oh shit, I must be stupid and ignorant for not knowing the contents of some website! No, woe is me, my extensive training in mathematics have all come to naught because I don’t know the contents of so iloveyoink thinks I’m stupid! Whatever shall I do?
    Not knowing that a backwards ‘b’ is a ‘d’ is stupid; not knowing what’s on is probably an indication of cultural sophistication.

  37. LOL your penis is small ):

  38. physicist.

    totally right, but maybe learn to broaden your spectrum a bit. everything you say is relating back to science or maths. your name, your point about jews, most of your spiel. broader spectrum = stronger point, no?

    did you know many notable jewish composers were murdered/fled from nazi germany? the berliner philharmoniker was TEEMING with brilliant jews in the early 30s..

  39. oh, and ‘iloveyoink’ is retarted.

  40. Wow.

  41. Let’s discuss grammar! The phrase “shitty ass day” is in question. I offer the following example, using something that everyone loves (boobs), to illustrate my point. “Big ass tits” are quite different from “big-ass tits.” The phrase “big ass tits” implies that there are tits, and they are of the “ass” variety, while “big-ass tits” implies that the breasts are just totally huge. So…with that in mind, are we having a “shitty-ass day” or a “shitty ass day.” I’m just not sure. I apologize in advance for any grammar errors or typos. I’m tired and actually took my grammar hat off a few hours ago.

  42. This Charming Man

    I think it’s great that you logged into a website used for mocking idiots to defend them ‘iloveyoink’. Keep up the good work Math Man.

    Well Silly-Billy, guess I should take my cyanide pill now for not knowing about I guess someone who knows every website on the Internet is the only person who can carry out our plan. It was nice working with you man. See you on the other side


  43. When I met my love Agnes, I wrote a letter home to my mother to tell her the good news. I wrote “Dearest Mother, I have met a nice young woman named Agnes. She has big ass tits and when I first laid my eyes on them a white liquid instantaneously squirted from my penis.” My mother replied, “Her tits are large and resemble an arse? LOL, WTF?!”

  44. @dukeguy please tell me your use of the word ‘interwebs ‘ was supposed to be hilarious and possibly even a reference to 30 Rock? That would make me happy.

  45. Actually, I’m the one who submitted the “and-rew” post and it’s NOT fake or from some bash website. I can’t stop you from thinking what you want, but it was on my news feed..

  46. the “and-rew” post may be legit, but he copied it. here’s a screen shot from the /b/ board on 4chan. you’ll see that it’s dated 12/27/05. so please, gtfo and take your fail with you. kthxbai

  47. Ooh big, bad and cool on the internet:] Not my fault if he copied it. So please, grow the fuck up. kthxbai.

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