Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming Up Short

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  1. Should’ve gone for the loose vagina comment instead.

  2. And here we have an example of what NOT to share on Facebook for the whole world to see.

  3. Should have gone for the Mount Visuvius vagina slam.

  4. the heading is funnier than the status/posts

  5. lmao don’t know why people insist on staying fb friends after a rough break-up if this is how they behave but at least it’s kinda funny.

  6. A ‘cock off’ to settle a dispute? What next, ducking stools?

  7. if she uses femfresh it’s because she obviously feels she needs it.
    because she feels she has a stinky gash.

  8. My aunt makes $780 a week, fluffing and measuring in cock offs.

  9. Umm… a ‘cock off’ … rrriiigggghhhhttt… “…then we tongue kissed to see who’s footy team was the best, then we sucked each other’s cocks to work out if supply side economics really does work.”

  10. rightbrain3 it can’t be a round number. It’s gotta be something like $783.

  11. ^also pretty sure that it has to be your aunt’s ex-lodger or something.

  12. /End thread!

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