Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep On Creepin’ On

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  1. Fake. Godfrey/godfry can’t even spell his nam

  2. Fuckin’ phone. His name right is where I was going with that.

  3. Maybe he typed it on his phone…

  4. Nigerian scammer.

  5. Definitely a stupid Nigerian scammer!

  6. He’s batman.

  7. No. Godfrey is def a serial killer.. one of the few inept, non-charming ones.

  8. Why is everyone riding godfrey’s ass?
    Donna is a horrifying woman who erupts into a fucking volcano of blood.

  9. ^ Aw, don’t be afraid of some competition 🙂

  10. Fake.

  11. godfrey is no competition, bacchante.

  12. A simple, “No thanks, not interested,” should have been the first response. What she said was totally uncalled for.

  13. ^ When did you become Mr. Softy?

  14. conversation with god loving women and she went and rubbed yeast infection and mentrual blood in his face.. the persistent optimism he has in his chat up ability is awesome… I’d vote for him

  15. ^first part of my post disappeared

    poor Godfrey… all he wanted was young and pretty conversation [etc]

  16. I also love the bit where he says ‘and thats exposure’
    the guy is a comic fucking genius

  17. …wow… a yeast infection and menstruation. Why yes, my dear. I do enjoy ketchup on my cottage cheese.

  18. strawberries and cream.

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