Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grammar Challenged

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  1. hehehe

  2. Nooooooo Noooooo, not hehehe… unless that’s a sarcastic hehehe…

  3. fuck all of you. can i please punch all of you in the face with a goat ass?

  4. Okay, but me first. I don’t want to catch anything nasty.

  5. because you asked sooo very nicely bowlervtec, NO. The answer is NO and, in addition, you can fucking fuck off and die you stupid fucking fuck.

  6. you gonna wear that goat like a boxing glove Bowler?

    good for Dave, in the imminent death and destruction finally he was able to release his inner homosexual

  7. Christian rappers hatin’ you = You’re such a badass.
    Of course. This guy must be the cool edgy one at Youth Group meetings.

  8. I think the saddest part is that this guy is getting shit on by a guy named Engleburt. How fucking sad is it that someone with a super hick sounding name is better at English than anyone?

  9. Engleburt is a hick name? Quite the opposite.

  10. it sounds blue-blooded and inbred – I imagine an overbite, a distinct lack of chin and an adam’s apple so pronounced that every nervous swallow looks actively painful.

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