Friday, October 11, 2013


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  1. At this rate, they should change it to Foreskins.
    inb4 Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever, b*tches!

  2. I come here for 2 things. Cuz steeeever is funny and to thumbs down beatusmongos gay ass posts. Stupid Dane is funny as fuck too. HTTR!!!!!

  3. You da man Itzbugznugguh!!!!!

  4. What is going on here??

  5. Wuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuup Stever. You are hilarious. Fuck the haters.

  6. If you keep making fun of red skinned people, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  7. Stupidick,
    Why did daddy do those things to you?

  8. Why does that Negro have a feather in his hair?

  9. my boyfriends mom just got an awesome a year old Hyundai Accent Sedan only from working part-time off a macbook. more tips here,,, Fb39.COM

  10. Lakeisha…haha…A piece of shit scammer with a sense of humour…albeit, poor. Lakeisha Gibson sounds like a stereotypical coloured girl name eh? I’m not racist or anything, I’ve got like three friends over in browntown.

    You know who is racist though? The fucking boys in blue, always giving me/us shit for hangin’ with my boys in the hood! I refuse to believe they’re discriminating because we’re poor and hanging around a known drug spot, (poverty and crime often go hand in hand, no matter what cuntry you live in so this is a poor excuse at best) and know for a fact they pull us good white folk over for having a soul food loving homeboy in the passenger seat….lol 😛

  11. Prejudists

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