Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sounds Fun

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  1. Prolly a Catholic school.

  2. What 1st/2nd grade teacher is rapping Eminem to the kids? What 1st/2nd grader knows Eminem? Either this is fake or fucking sad. It may be better if she raped Eminem.

  3. OK stupiddane-It’s your turn.

  4. It’s probably a 22 year old 11th grader in the USA….

  5. ^No shit! Dumb ass Americans. Awesome Stever, awesome! LMFAO!

  6. No shit Steeevers. America IS so dumb. That’s why everything you do, use, and like is American ingenuity. Stupid Americans. Where’s Lamebook based out of?

  7. I thought it was cool to find out a few weeks ago my family was a little Canadian.

    Then Steeever came along.

  8. Thank you Jasperk2009

    If she keep raping Eminem like that, it’ll be her own fault when she end up in jail!

  9. Stupidane blows roadkill for $$$$

  10. Excuse me, young gentleman. I think you are mistaking me for your mother.

  11. @6- What like algebra, money, beer… pretty much everything. Yeh, sure, everything has been invented since the 1600s…

  12. Gonzo, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you don’t enjoy or use algebra.

  13. @mobydkman. It all makes sense. You have a Canadian pet midget named “family” and Steever is his recently manifested alter ego. Can he me post-birth aborted? Maybe euthanized is the correct term.

  14. So that’s why Eminem always looks so sad and pissed off in his music videos!

  15. And she teaches high school in Southern California.

  16. my boyfriends mom just got an awesome a year old Hyundai Accent Sedan only from working part-time off a macbook. more tips here,,, Fb39.COM

  17. ^ Parasite scammer. Hyundai accent? Accent? That’s the best scam line you’ve got? C’Mon! You can do better than that, heaps better.
    My uncles sisters friends cousin just GOT a new BMW working part-time off an iPad

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