Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crossing the Line

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  1. poopy?

  2. There is no appropriate time for duckface, you smutty cunt

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  4. She may be ugly, and horrendously fat, but her massive duck lips just BEG for giganto-cock to ram his penis down her throat.

  5. butterscotchcandy

    It concerns me that there are this many people that take the time to perfectly line up their profile and timeline photos just for a lame joke.

  6. Surely it wouldn’t take very long…

  7. Stop timelining

  8. butterscotch, it concerns me that you have so little sympathy for us obsessive folk. For instance, there’s no such thing as “an unnecessarily large number of dictionaries.”

  9. I can only speak for my photo in the group (1 of 3), but it doesn’t take long at all. Anyone with half a brain can learn how to crop two photos overlayed on one another in Photoshop. What will really concern you is that I did it while earning $140k p/y on taxpayer’s money. Now you can start complaining about something worthwhile 🙂

  10. Fiery phoenix is a douchebag, for so many reasons. Firstly that picture is a clear sign of a douche. Secondly, his name is fiery phoenix. Thirdly, he spells it Fi3ry_Ph03n1x. He’s also a stupid cunt, because i’m sure it would be easy to find out who he was (and make a work complaint) if anyone bothered to try.

  11. ^yeah, except he’s lying his ass off.
    he really gets $140 p/w of taxpayer’s money.
    and his mom charges $100 p/w rent on his basement apartment.

  12. Hey, I like Fi3ry_Ph03n1x!! His mouth-breathing, slack-jawed profile photo is so TRUE TO LIFE, you know? Also, self-submitters make me all maternal. SOMEONE needs to protect their poor old easily wounded vanities.

  13. you scare me in a good way.

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