Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Console Conflicts

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lamebook adm|ns suck for not fixing the dashboard.

  2. He is a skateboarder…

  3. He would know.

  4. that’s right, connor, a full circle is 720º ¬¬ idiot

  5. Congratulations Connor, you’ve just reinforced stereotypical view of skateboarders.

  6. Oh and @Dukey how did you get the picture? 🙂

  7. And how many radii is that Conner?

  8. Connor’s troll is older than the internet.

  9. I used to love Lamebook. I stopped coming on because of how tedious it is to click “read the rest of this entry” on every post when there’s only two more pictures. Thought I’d check it out one last time. I remember why I stopped in the first place!

  10. Fucking hell lamebook, are you purposely trying to get me to do some actual work? Fuckers.

  11. Haha PA consider my plight, my work blocked lamebook because I was on it too much the first time I discovered it, trailing back, so now it’s my own time I’m able to waste 🙁

  12. Jonathan, your best bet is to abstain from the video games for a few years and trick some hot ass bitch into thinking you are romantic and attentive. Then after you get married you can reintroduce yourself to video games. You might even add alcohol into the scene. Just remember to keep guilting the bitch into feeling obligated to put out and you’re all set.

  13. Ah, but be careful with that advice, Jonathan. You marry that bitch, and, tired of her nagging, you try to convince her video games aren’t so bad and get her to play along.
    Next thing you know, she’s the hardcore gamer, and you’re the one brooding on the couch and annoying the shit out of her to pay attention to you.

  14. That is a risk Jonathan, so don’t forget your alcohol.

  15. ^….and Rohypnol, gaffer tape and handcuffs.

  16. Sounds like a date I won’t remember. Shame

  17. The only computer game I like is ‘Trick the schoolgirl into thinking i’m the same age as her and then get her to send photos of her naked rimming out a teddy bear’…

    I’ve got the high score currently but my friends are hot on my tail.

  18. Its idiots like that who comment on my youtube video of my first 540 and tell me I only did a 360…

  19. Because of my spinning alter boy, I know that 360 means stfu and spin goddammit!

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