Friday, November 8, 2013

I’m Concerned for Humanity

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  1. Let’s get syrias here… The USA media cares more about her giraffe tounge and wierd ass more than other countries.

  2. weird*

  3. Steeeever, You sound bitter we’ve never cared about Canada

  4. Steeever, you really are a terrible drain on society. You should probably just go kill yourself now.

  5. Reyna D. Claypool

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  6. It seems I’ve pissed off all the moody Americans…. How’s things going down there??

  7. Not only that, you’re making us Canadians look bad!

  8. Pop quiz!
    Q1- How many US states allow beastiality?
    Q2- in how many US states is it legal to marry your first cousin?
    Q3- What country in the world has the highest per capita % of people incarcerated?
    Q4- What country is the most obese in the world?
    Q5- which country has the most reported rapes/murders?
    Q6- what country has by far thee highest national debt in the entire world?
    I’m all out of fucks to give as a prize, but I wonder who can get 6/6 for a score of 100%

  9. Steever, why don’t you keep America’s name out of your Canadian mouth and get back to making maple syrup or whatever it is you vaginas do up north.

  10. How is the progress on the USA v Canada front? I’m sure people with be impartial and be swayed with rational argument.
    If I can throw Antarctica in the mix, apart from the cold it’s THEE best country. No pollution. At all. Our Penguin Hockey team is undefeated !

  11. Stever is Rob Ford’s bottom. They smoke crack together, and after Stever “firsts” all the Lamebook posts for the day, he lets John Ford rest his fupa on Stever’s head while Stever blows him. They eat back bacon afterwards, and listen to Alanis Morrisette.

  12. 1. A handful, but I bet you’d be surprised to know it’s also legal in “enlightened” places like Denmark and Finland. Also, in some places where it’s technically legal, it can still be prosecuted as animal abuse, just not its own crime.
    2. About half, research has shown there is little genetic risk in this practice. However, it is not widely practiced, and is actually not allowed in most of the South, Mid-West, and Mountain West. It’s also legal in Canada.
    3. You got us there, but most incarcerated individuals are not violent criminals. Stupid laws more than violent people.
    4. Mexico
    5. Per capita: Rapes: Botswana; Murders: Honduras; By number: Rapes: US (we’re thousands of times larger than the places where you’re more likely to be raped); Murders: Brazil.
    6. By dollar figure: US; As a percent of GDP: Luxembourg (by a landslide, the US isn’t even in the top 30 worldwide, and most of Europe blows us away).

    I demand a fuck, since you’re obviously too insular to try out some facts over bile.

  13. When it all comes down to it, Canada is nothing more than America’s hat.

  14. “I demand a fuck”

  15. I’m concerned for Lamebook’s commenters.

  16. I think we’ve officially reached rock bottom


  18. ^ now we have

  19. beatus, better to be America’s hat than Canada’s shit? Steeeever might think so.

  20. Fucking great, JoDa! Although, it might be said that you care a wee tiny bit too much about what that douchebag says. But, spot on!

  21. Carib, don’t be so hard on México.

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