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Cool Story, Bro

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  1. comment 50? looks like i missed the boat. thank fuck! i just wanted to say what only 1 other person has said, what’s up with charles’ font? reeks of false and homo to me.

  2. It’s always funny when a man gets raped!! Don’t drop the soap in the shower.

  3. jzimbert, that’s pretty ridiculous. Just because one thing is open to mockery doesn’t mean everything is.
    In any case it isn’t the mockery that’s offensive here, at least to me. It is the fact that by posting it, or by posting it the way he did, he seems to implicitly approve of such actions. Now, I don’t find r@pe jokes funny, because I can’t get past the reality of r@pe, but in this case he comes off as a r@pist himself.

  4. @michaelcain – sarcasm is known as the lowest form of wit and you still couldn’t even pull it off.

    Btw, Sons of Anarchy blows a big hairy goat. Never watched a more contrived pile of poop, ever.

  5. Jimothy – you’re a fucking idiot.

  6. thebaronness – so either you’ve just bought the boxset or you just reeally like sarcasm?

  7. It was a joke, you losers. A joke. Stop crying, turn off your computer, and read a Nancy Drew novel. Unless that offends you as well.

  8. “I raped a girl! But it’s ok, because she was using me to get free drinks.”

    That’s just stupid shock humor. Using rape to get cheap laughs out of your douchebag friends doesn’t make you cool. It usually just means you’re a sexually frustrated asshole.

  9. Obviously you need a good raping

  10. No, using a rape JOKE to get laughs. I am going to take a stab in the dark here and say that the guy who posted it on his status wasn’t giving his mates a description of his night, rather just sharing a joke. Sheesh, lighten UP!

  11. … it’s still a joke about rape. I’ve got a pretty warped sense of humour but some things just aren’t funny.

  12. The fact that it’s a rape joke doesn’t bother me a fraction as much as the fact that it’s the modern equivalent of “Take my wife…please.” Roofie jokes? Still? Really? I think he’s at least 10 years too late for that to have been slightly funny.
    And I’m familiar with the show in the second one, but I really don’t get the joke. What’s supposed to be funny there?

  13. Wow, 61 comments. Let me get myself comfortable …

  14. God damn. Thought I came here for a laugh. Like someone else said, it’s an adult humour site. Don’t come over if you can’t handle it right? We’ll probably see that first one on the next Top Man t-shirts.

  15. The first one is just fucking ridiculous… everybody knows that you only needs to dose a fuckslug up with one shot of rohypnol per 200ml of drink… pfft this fuckwit is an obvious amateur.

    The argument in this thread is pointless as date rape isn’t really rape is it?

  16. curlybap Those T-shirts were disgusting…. They’d have looked much better in a V-neck or Polo Shirt cut.

  17. Mofo, is it really you??

  18. Ok. I got all the way to the end and I can’t believe you guys didn’t actually get the joke in number. It wasn’t a rape joke at all. It was a freak the girl out joke. He didn’t really put rophies in the drink, he showed her an empty box to make her THINK he did.

  19. Of course it is, check out my identifying features… I have joked about rape, used the term ‘slutslug’ and ‘fuckwit’ in the same sentence and filled a plastic cup with baby seed at the mere mention of Rohypnol… how could it not be me?

  20. I’m ashamed to admit I loled at the sarcasm in #35.

    The people who are horribly offended by the joke are most likely girls who themselves have whored for drinks at bars and can therefore identify themselves. I can understand that it would upset you.

  21. this is disgusting. just reading that first “joke” almost triggered me.
    Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that? Now think of the likelihood that one of Kage’s friends has /actually/ raped someone. This joke and its approval is showing that person that what they did isn’t that big of a deal. And it’s screaming to victims that their suffering, fear and pain is a laughing manner. It is NOT a laughing matter.

  22. Sister, mother grandmother…It’s a wanking matter then?

  23. No mofo, it’s an orgy…obviously.

  24. George Carlin…Elmer Fudd & Porky Pig

  25. Wow you still don’t get the joke. HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY GIVE HER THE ROPHIES!

    It was an ice breaker. Just like the guy who walked up to the girl in the movie Hall Pass and said “Excuse me, does this smell like chloroform?”

    It actually didn’t and he was doing it to break the ice.

  26. Pooks, you must be kidding.

    We laugh at 9/11. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?

    We laugh at dead babies. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?

    We laugh at fat people. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?

    We laugh at murder. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?

    We laugh at drug addicts. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?

    We laugh at domestic violence. Imagine that was you, or your sister, your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, best friend… how funny is that?


  27. OK, I don’t know why people are misinterpreting the Sons of Anarchy joke. I interpreted it as a guy who thought he could make it in time, and being informed he clearly missed the goal he was so fervently sprinting for.

    Also, if he didn’t actually give her roofies, according to jaxmagicman, I would assume that she then psychologically believes she WAS roofie’d, ends up slutting her way through (insert home town here) and will end up being heartbroken that she can only blame herself for being on a Not So Very Special Paternity Episode of Maury. Love how imaginative a stolen joke has made everyone 🙂

  28. I like to laugh at guys who think spending money on drinks will get them laid. What if that was you, or your brother, or your father, grandfather, son, cousin, or best friend. How funny is that?

  29. You have got to be kidding me, does everyone REALLY have their granny panties in a bunch right now? He clearly didn’t ACTUALLY do that to a girl in the club, it was a damn joke! I don’t think his status warrants all these wishes that his penis turns green and falls off…you sensitive twats need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

  30. Rape isn’t funny…but girls need to stop accepting drinks from strangers as well. I laughed at both. I’m with #25…where do we draw the line what’s funny and what’s not on lamebook? Laugh at one, laugh at all or laugh at none. If you are offended don’t click!

  31. i don’t think most of you understand. if a girl is at the bar she is careful, at least i am. i personally don’t find this funny because it was my best friend. and i’ve never felt the need to make a profile cause i just laugh at comments and stupid statuses but i feel in this case something must be said. yeah there are some girls who do just take random drinks without knowing where they come from, but a lot of times you are just with a friend; a supposedly friend; idk i feel for at least myself it’s not like i had it coming or asking for it. all i did was trust someone i had known for years. maybe this came off of sickopedia, but its still not funny to people who actually experienced it. so if you don’t know; laugh your ass off, i would too if i hadn’t dealt with that. but i do know. and i wasn’t being cheap or a slut or with strangers. i just want to make the point of its ok to laugh if its not serious, and it wasn’t until someone pointed out it was from sickopedia. anyways, i am kinda drunk since i have ptsd from since encounter, and i spend almost 90% of my time in my locked room since i am now to scared to go out and socialize with anyone, but i guess i can see the humor in making fun of that kind of stuff if you don’t know. But for the record, sometimes it isn’t free drinks, its your best friend. and i come here to laugh and reading hte comments about ‘oh she deserved it’ nobody deserves that ever. because it never goes away. ever. and i dare any of you to ridicule my comment and tell me i deserved it; or anyone does. i’ve always restrained myself from commenting on things that pissed me off, but this goes above and beyond. its not funny to people who truly understand. just like domestic abuse jokes are funny to people who’ve never had the crap beaten out of them. if you don’t know. don’t post it online so people who have dealt with it can read it and relive it. don’t be sarcastic just to start a debate. its not funny to certain people. and don’t click pahleez? it doesn’t matter i read it. and now i’m thinking about it. soooooo yeah. i clicked to read the posts, most of which made me angry. this is supposed to be funny, and calm me down. not make me relive situations or read how almost most of these people say i deserved it. if you don’t know, don’t post. and unless your pointing out that its just a joke, dont pose. this isnt debate group. and most of you don’t know. so just stop.

  32. tl;dr

  33. ktp, apropos of nothing, most girls who claim to have been roofied, actually were not. They go to the hospital to get all tested up and it turns out they were just hammered on margaritas.

    Now, I’m not going to make a judgment call on whether their vaginae was pounded in a consensual manner, but drunk chicks like to fuck. Recently sober chicks like to dodge responsibility.

    If you’re one of the 1% who truly got drugged up for sexual purposes, I don’t believe you. Or I’m sorry. One of the two.

  34. bell maybe I’m just a better person than you then, because those things aren’t funny. particularly in a society that blames the victim (this thread is excellent evidence of that – how stupid must she be to take a drink from a stranger? bitch had it coming, amiright? Har-dee-fucking-har). do you think a 9/11 victim would be BLAMED for being in the wrong place on that day? For what they were wearing? For having previously willingly put themselves in a dangerous situation? NO, but rape victims are, every day.

    lolaeffingbunny, YES it’s a joke! It’s not funny to joke about rape! that’s the whole goddamn point! Catch up!

    Soup, sources?? “most girls”?? I was drugged (yes, really), so kindly fuck off.

    ktp, I’m sorry that happened to you. This was a terrible, triggering post. I hope you’re getting the support that you need.

  35. “Though flunitrazepam is often cited as a date rape drug because of its high potency, strong effects and the ability to cause strong amnesia during its duration of action, investigations into its actual use as a date rape drug have contradicted popular belief. Test results indicated that flunitrazepam was used in only around 1% of reported date rapes, according to Robertson and 0.33% according to urine lab tests done by El Sohly.[4]”

    Are you sure you weren’t just drunk and trying to absolve yourself of bad judgment? If you were one of the 1%, I’m truly sorry. Really, I am.

    Blame the other 99% of the whores for failing to take responsibility and making your plight that much more difficult. It’s not that guys are all evil, it’s that many women are unwilling to accept their own culpability.

    And I have to add, if you (any “you” not you specifically) have “triggers”, stay the fuck off the internet or they’ll be pulled faster than Clayton Bigsby at the Apollo Theater.

  36. I feel I need to add that I know date rape can take place without roofies. It’s an insidious crime that would not happen so often if the bitches would just give it up.

    Was that clarifying? Or just insensitive? Don’t worry, God already punished me with 4 daughters, so I’ll get mine.

  37. Soup – I think it’s your 4 daughters who God has already punished. I’m sure they will all grow up self-loathing and trying to gain the love of men who are assholes – since their father is one too. You also sound like a moron, so I can only hope these girls are receiving a good education. As far as your little quote goes – you do realize that many of date rapes go unreported right? Women are often so ashamed of what has happened to them, they never speak of it again. Also, if they do report it, they often do it months later, when there’s no way to know if the drug was ever in their system. So “reported date rape” would leave out quite a lot of women. You can’t possibly be that stupid that you didn’t realize that, right?

    Oh wait, sure you can.

  38. Sounds like a few of you were date-raped on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

  39. Pooks: You’re a better person than me? Really? That’s what you’re going with? Alrighty then. Just remember we’re reading the same jokes on the same site, and I’m sure you’ve laughed at something that offended someone else, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

    I never think anyone is “asking for it” when they are raped. Ever. And ktp, I really am sorry that happened to you. It wasn’t your fault.

    My point is only that it’s a little hypocritical to come to a site like this, which constantly pokes fun at the misfortune of others, and then declare that something is officially not funny because OMG THAT HAPPENED TO MEEEEEEE

  40. If you were raped, shit happens! I’m sorry it happened to you but get the fuck over it…you’re not the first you won’t be the last.

  41. OK, so the first one isn’t funny just cause it’s a dumb fucking joke that isn’t funny…”waving an empty Rohypnol box” SERIOUSLY? That’s the punchline?

    Cause everyone knows roofies TOTALLY come in a clearly labeled box, blister packed to prevent tampering…I heard they’re going to start making gel caps soon!

  42. *drug dealers definitely market all black market prescriptions in their original packaging is what I’m getting at here…

  43. ktp, wanna go out for drinks tonight?

  44. Fapyourmom – not funny, but the anonymity of the internet lets you act like you’re such a shocking individual – but you’re really just a cunt. Now, go grow a dick.

  45. This thread is made of fail. FWIW, rape isn’t funny. Rape jokes, on the other hand…

  46. Rape jokes aren’t funny and encourage a permissable and victim-blaming environment.

  47. sandyvaginas = funny shit

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