Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who’s the Boss?

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  1. My IQ just dropped a few points while reading this.

  2. You ask the daddy to give you a lift home later. Get him to show you who’s really boss.

  3. ^^Taken from the Simpsons:
    Somebody had to take the babysitter home. Then I noticed she was sitting on [splice] her sweet [splice] can. [splice] — o I grab her — [splice] sweet can. [splice] Oh, just thinking about [splice] her [splice] can [splice] I just wish I had he — [splice] sweet [splice] sweet [splice] s-s-sweet [splice] can.

  4. Ask if he’s got a younger sister?

  5. I immediately judge anyone who uses the term ‘rents’ as imbeciles of the highest order.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    We have a new Mofo, nice.

  7. Hump him until he taps out?

  8. Anyone who has to put “jk” after making a “joke” is a fucking idiot.

  9. @win7ermute Anyone who thinks he needs to point that out is an even bigger one.

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