Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Never Gets Old

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  1. i sometimes wish i was stupid, too.
    they always seem so much happier.
    and then i realise that it is because of all the stupid, contented, lethargic sheeple (see comment #50) that our world is slowly drowning in a rising tide of shit.
    it’s your fault daddy drinks. it’s because you suck all the energy out of the world.

  2. don’t worry msanne, you’re sort of stupid in your own way, too.

  3. /double g&t

  4. alcohol makes the pain go away! 🙂

  5. really? you’re going away?

  6. no, but if you indulge in enough substance abuse, it’ll seem like i’m not even here at all!

  7. if you would shut your retarded fucking mouth i would find it so much easier.

  8. since that isn’t going to happen, i’d suggest you follow my advice. you’re comfortable with that path anyway, msanne, why would you want to stray from it now?

  9. i’m going to have a bucket bong.

  10. be careful msanne, those things can cause parts of your lung to collapse! not to mention the seedy crap that usually lives in those buckets. eeeeuuwwww…
    i’m going to go and get high in a minute by going for a really long run through this beautiful park. i’ll work the body until its sweating hard and starts to hurt a bit, and then push even harder. the bit on the other side is quite euphoric, totally natural, and bloody good for you.
    better than bongsmoke. not that i actually have a huge problem with bongs, they’re at least better than alcohol. you can do workouts when you’re stoned and you can do one in the morning after getting stoned.
    but habitual drug use, msanne? kinda a bit….well…scummy isn’t it? tell me, do you have a bucketbong set up permanently? is your house one of those houses? euw.

  11. this officially got absurder.
    why do you keep addressing me like we’re equals?
    we’re not. i’m high and you’re a piece of shit.

  12. but i’m high too msanne!! high on life!!
    i’m just shooting the shit msanne. i don’t think you’re equal to me. i never said that! haven’t i said before that i aspire to be like you…like…you know…popular on lamebook, and so comfortable in my popularity that i can talk about my drug habit, my sexual encounters with my limp-dick man, and my drinking problem online?
    you’ve shown me so much to aspire to, msanne, that my life will never be the same again.
    thank you, msanne.
    thank you.

  13. i imagine you’ve pounded your keyboard into a pile of fucking sand by now.
    i mean, after all the bullshit you’ve spewed out the last few days.
    have i upset you, love?

    i do hope so.

  14. no my darling, you’ve not upset me. i’ve had a giggle-worthy week thanks to you. spose i should thank you really. but yeah but nah.
    sorry to dash your hopes.

  15. ^if you laugh at your own crap, you are the fucking lone ranger there.
    you just totally suck at the funny.

  16. if you believe in your own alcohol remedy, it’ll have a placebo effect!
    you just totally suck at making alcohol remedies.

  17. ^see?
    i’ve had more entertaining tax audits.

  18.’s all about the entertainment here! you’re very entertaining, have i ever told you that?

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