Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Win!

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  1. This is so GAY! u faggot!

  2. So is the name jackster!

  3. Putting together an article about comment board activity on several sites including this one. Interested in being interviewed? I’ll be in touch, especially MsAnneThrope, wordpervert, and any other regulars. I lurk a bit, but miss a lot, so let me know who else.

  4. So there’s either one or nine reasons why someone might not like lebron? That doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Interview me!

  6. Shut up

  7. Someone fell asleep at the blur machine.

    mamalumps sorry but Letterman got me first, on tonight. Conan tomorrow..

  8. Pick me, pick me!

  9. Wait a minute, a pizza that gets delivered in 20 seconds? I think someone might just be telling porkies. Mama, if you find British Hobo, kick his ass back here won’t you?

  10. Been meaning to say ‘hello’ Curly. Miss you ‘over there’.

  11. But now I’m here … As is that link you find so amusing 😀

  12. I’m definitely going to use the delivery burn some day :p

  13. #1. yeah, the dad is sooo fucking cool. if you overlook the fact that he’s watching the voice. which i cannot.
    #2. 20 second pizza? > only a fucking moron > sydnilouise93.
    #3. i don’t know any of those names. and i never will.

  14. Can someone explain the Lebron joke to me? I don’t follow sports :p

  15. I don’t get the Lebron joke, and I watch the NBA all the time. Hell, I am watching it right now.

  16. slicingupeyeballs

    isn’t Norris Cole the homosexual shopkeeper in Coronation Street…?

  17. Omg Enough about Beiber. People trying to insult him talk about him more than his fans do.
    I don’t get number 3 at all.

  18. #3 is in reference to Lebron’s lack of championship rings in comparison to Jordan who has 8. This is often used as an argument when debating which player is better.

    Not saying it’s funny, but it is what it is.

  19. #3 is actually in reference to something idiotic Lebron said during the Heat’s “Coming Out Party”, which was also idiotic. He said they’d win “not two, not three, not four..” all the way up through seven.

    Jordan has six.

  20. Lamebook you have one job to do. And ya fucked that up.

    Also, obscure NBA references ? Who the fuck told you this will be a good one

  21. comment 19. wizzer, you long streak of piss, i hate you for knowing that.
    i hate you and i want for you to get bladder cancer.

  22. Ms, is the sports lamebook.

    This lamebook post = ‘Heat Coming Out’ post.

  23. I must admit I’m kind of intrigued, mamalumps. Aren’t you, <b<Ms? People may dismiss it or laugh or whatever, but I actually think that it’s quite an interesting topic. Hell, I know someone who wrote a thesis about Facebook as a form of theatre (in relation to a dramatic arts degree or some such thing). I attempted to read it, but it went way over my head. They got honours first-class for the bastard, so it must have been pretty ok. What kind of questions would you be asking?

    Microwave pizza, bapsy? Honey, I know how much you love/d Hobo, but there comes a time when you just have to let go. Seriously doubt that he’s ever coming back. Some of my faves like Soup and vincent have vanished, too, yeah? Don’t like it, but what can we do? It’s the nature of the beast. Ahh, but we’ve got some bloody great memories, though.

  24. Ahh but word, she said she ordered it. Never mind, was a crap joke anyway. Oh Hobo, Hobo, wherefore art thou Hobo. I admit I may have had a slight crush.

  25. heya wordperve. frankly,I’m pretty skeptical.
    I recently read a series on ‘trolls’ on some bullshit msm ‘news’ site.
    it was crap – lumping all ‘trolls’ in one bucket, with the subtext heavily inferring that they(we) all post porn on little dead kid’s memorial pages and that just pissed me right the fuck off.
    I’d want to see some pretty serious credentials before I talked to the press – like maybe a Pulitzer.

  26. I know, curly, my microwave pizza bit made no sense, but fuck it, neither did her poxy premature ejaculation cumback, either. So, yes, we’ll call it a day on that one. Slight crush? Good one.

    God, that sounds like some hideous reading, Ms. People actually do that? Horrifying. Not for nothing, you are much more than just a troll. And we both know it. That is meant as a compliment, by the way. So you’ll only talk to maybe a Pulitzer Prize recipient, huh? mamalumps, have you won one of those?

  27. I’ll have to say no on that, word. In fact, all I have is a measly English degree from a mediocre college. But I can be trusted to make you all sound f’ing awesome. (Not that you need the fluffing.)

  28. ^rule #1. you have to cunting swear properly.
    there are ceremonial conventions that must be observed. We’re not animals, for fuck’s sake.

  29. f’ing=fluffing

  30. Lol @ mamalumps

  31. butterscotchcandy

    Score, first comment awaiting moderation.

    I just don’t even get the “Justin Bieber is gay” jokes anymore. He has a hot girlfriend. Are people implying she is really a man? Or is it funny because Justin Bieber is supposedly a girl. Ha ha ha, that is so hilarious and original even when his voice has changed.

    The Lebron thing:
    www[dot]youtube[dot]com / watch?v=pT-I8jQDQ7c

  32. Our world is full of breathtaking art and amazing literature – this wondrous realm of conveyed dreams and shared imagination, where you can find films that people have created which are so powerful that they move you to real, physical emotion…

    Danielle and Sara ‘A’ choose to flop down on the ol’ ikea sofa, unhinge their brains and bottom jaws, and watch commercial television’s finest hours.

  33. …and their father encourages this.

  34. we need cannon-fodder. there are important wars to fight

  35. ^thanks for your clichéd input.

  36. i see we’re at our weekly “war with SLG” footing again! how fun! something upset you at work this week, msanne? go to the beach again and get sand somewhere it’s not really ‘sposed to be?
    you’re welcome to the input. at least someone noticed your little rant, right?

  37. no. you’re just a dickhead.

  38. ah i get it! am i annoying you msanne?
    12 pages msanne! best effort yet!!

  39. I will get you in the end, remember that.

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