Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cool Stuff

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  1. Cool boy stuff like anal!

  2. Hindu is for =

  3. Spiderman seems pretty gay, now that I look at the webs and those tight dress-up costumes…

  4. How do we know Steeever is gay? Huh….

  5. And, if you’re gay, you can sit in your gay-boy apartment, prowl Lamebook and post “first” and then “STEEEEEVERRRRRR!” all day long. In between taking anal double penetrations, that is.

  6. Unfortunately, they’ll be living in a pink apartment frolicking and mincing with aprons on and trying to remember what it was like prior to having a prolapsed rectum

  7. I’ve been concerned since being told that if you like sucking cock you are gay, I really think my wife is gay then.

  8. BIGDOG, you’re only gay if you suck gay cock, so you are but your wife isn’t.

  9. That’s a relief ruberk! thanks.

  10. This post made me gay

  11. BorderlineDane

    love that a kid is more grownup than the people here

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