Thursday, February 28, 2013

Courtney Calls Him Out…

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  1. It sickens me how people compare homosexuality to pedophilia. I was sexually abused as a three-year-old and one of my brothers is gay. There is absolutely NO comparison between those two! You cannot compare abuse to mutual love.

  2. Deja vu…

  3. She told him! Hateful religious ahole!

  4. But I’m in love with 12 different women. Why can’t I marry them all?

  5. That’s fucked and hot.

  6. 12? Mormonism baby

  7. ^ But polygamy is illegal.

  8. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t speak against any of those things, they are not covered in the “commandments” anyway. In fact, The old testament condones rape in at least one instance I can recall. I think Kyle is just upset because when he got stupid drunk all those times, and exposed himself in public, he was thinking about a nice fat cock in his ass.

  9. @Idle, no, the Old Testament does not condone rape at all.

    Despite his hypocrisy, the guy makes a point. People always say we should be able to marry whomever we love. Well, what if I love my sister? Cousin? Daughter? My 15 year old neighbor? All of those people are post-pubescent and could easily make the conscious decision to sign a marriage certificate with me, so why should I be denied?

    Homosexuals need to stop clinging to the argument of being able to marry whoever we want because of love. I’m not even against gay marriage–I just think people are idiots when they try to defend it.

  10. People like Kyle make it hard to be a Christian. Gay people are just people they don’t deserve to be judged by anybody but god and I’m fairly sure god just won’t care.

  11. # 9 When “people say we should be able to marry whomever we love” they are not talking about family members and children you utter moron. Incest and paedophilia are entirely different things from homosexual relationships between non-related consenting adults. Do you understand how offensive your comment is? And you claim to be “not even against gay marriage”, yet people who try to defend it are “idiots”? You seem a bit confused and very immature.

  12. @tucsonrocks

    ” They attacked Midian just as the LORD had commanded Moses…But Moses was furious with all the military commanders who had returned from the battle. “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded. “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the LORD at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the LORD’s people. Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.”(Numbers 31:7-18 NLT)

    “When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.”(Deuteronomy 20:10-14)

    “If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.”(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

    “Thus says the Lord: ‘I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.'”(2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)

  13. @tusconrocks God is all about non-consensual marriage.I can’t see why he would have a problem with marriage between consenting adults. Also, There was an assload of incest going on in the world until more recently when people realized it led to defective births.

  14. Yeah give the gays equal rights, after all what’s not normal about a guy wanting a cock up his ass?

  15. Also, hasn’t anyone noticed that gays represent the opposite of evolution? If we all went around fucking each other’s asshole instead of making babies then we would die out, so by all means suck as much dick as you want, but let’s not pretend homosexuality is a good thing. And for all those who say we should be able to ‘love whoever we want’, grow the fuck up.

  16. ^ This may blow your tiny mind but guys can be gay and not like anal sex. On the flip side, men who are straight can enjoy it; and yes, I do mean receiving as well as giving.

  17. @Elsior, you are aware that most gay people still have the urge to pass on their genetic information, right? Thus, surrogacy.

    Also, there are 7 billion people on this planet. Even if 1 in 7 people was a gay person who didn’t want to have kids, we’d be doing spectacular as a species.

  18. Pretty sure Elsior is a troll but anyway..

    Dieing out through lack of reproduction is the last thing that will happen to us, a major worry for the future of the human race is the fact that we are population increase is too high for our resources to keep up with. If population were to stay the same (or even fall) over the next few decades that would be one of the best things that could possibly happen to us.

  19. Frankie sounds like an expert, a fuckin expert, a fuckin cockspert.

  20. ^pretty sure Frankie is a female. And I agree with her whole-heartedly.

  21. hey fuck heads! Get the fuck off of lamebook, wtf is this shit?


  22. Floyd_the_Barber

    I want to hang out with the old Kyle.

  23. There is all kinds of crazy stuff in the bible and yet people pick out the one or two passages against the gays and consider them completely valid. This is why I really dislike most religious groups.
    The world is way overpopulated. Maybe we should all consider oral and anal sex exclusively. Right Frankie?

  24. Blegh!!
    I agree with everything you said.
    And then I read the “Right Frankie?”
    For that, I thumbed down your comment

  25. I don’t really care if someone’s gay, but the level of propaganda being promoted on this site recently is appalling. It’s exactly the opposite of what the gay rights message was, freedom right?

    Secondly the argument made by Courtney is ridiculous. She resorts to personal attacks and points out someones drunken mistake. Not exactly the same thing.

    Just keep it to your self no one cares. People are dying of hunger, being treated worse than animals around the world and you bitch about society not accepting you being gay. Grow up, you don’t need to market your sexuality to the world so stop being an attention whore and start acting more responsibly. If they don’t mock you for being gay, they’ll mock you for being fat or ugly or skinny or whatever. It’s just how it is.

  26. you sure sharted out a mouthful there sister salrazbz, like you said JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, NO ONE CARES! the amount of soccer moms, do gooders and hipsters is too damn high!

  27. carlosspicyweiner

    We’re all fucked.

  28. #15 Actually I’ve always thought homosexuality is a part of evolution. If you think about how long it takes a human to develop to the point where they can contribute to the group, it makes sense to have a percentage of that group be homosexual. With a percentage of the group not breeding it increases the ratio of people for hunting, gathering, and childcare without increasing the number of small children that need to be gaurded and cared for.

    #25 That is one of the silliest fallacies. Because other things are worse your problems are not valid. You are so right, in fact I’m pretty sure there are worse thigns than what you have mentioned so we should worry about those things first, but wait those are too big to do anything about so lets just do nothing. OR we could try to fix whatever we can, cause regardless of whether it’s a big issue or a small one it is still an issue.

    #9 You have managed to wrap so many different fallacies up that frankly arguing with you would be like trying to teach a squirrel how to fuck a peanut. Amusing yet ultimately pointless.

  29. @25, Yeah! Just like the blacks in the U.S. should’ve done in the 60’s, amirite? After all, there were people far worse off! Those jerk-offs should’ve had some freakin’ respect and kept their mouths shut!

    I, myself, curse the suffragettes on an almost daily basis. Women with the right to vote?! There are starving kids in a country you can’t point to on a globe! Those sociopaths! They only care about themselves.

  30. I hate left-handed people.

  31. ^ I know. They’re totally sinister.

  32. #31 I see what you did there! 🙂

  33. Tucson is just pissed because his parents are brother and sister.

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