Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Crummy Credit

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    What about tying the knot in my drawstring when I have to pee?

  2. This post is hilarious. It has 10 dislikes. What’s not to like?

    Wait. Unless those 10 dislikes came from ISIS sympathisers… oh, oh, fellas, the NSAFBICIA is SOOOO after your ass! And don’t forget, by the time I wrote this, your IP address, inside leg measurement and Target account number have already been logged. Your ass is grass. Check overhead for drones, nigga.

  3. Well, we know who to blame for the weather now.
    Wait, so, acts of God = Acts of ISIS = ISIS is God?
    That’s not good.
    No wonder we get bad weather so much.

  4. “The dog poo you stepped in on an otherwise clean pavement? It wuz us, the DAESH Stinky Sole Brigade”

    “The blob of sticky chewing gum you sat on on the bus? That wuz our Lone Wulf ISIL Gummer”

    “That granny with just coins in front of you in the supermarket checkout queue? You guessed it – Granny ISIS Holding You Up”

    “That last drop on the end of your donger when you finish peeing? You know it wuz us, bro… The Caliphat INVENTED Piss Stains!”




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