Monday, September 10, 2012

Cubicle Problems

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  1. God I hope this is real. So much win.

  2. I’d tell Sally to get some headphones, but who’d want to miss out on all this dirt?

  3. Yeah, scathing, but not aggressive enough. See the little bubble? That means she just thought it and didn’t say it out loud… like she should have. Puss.

  4. Yes, the guy she shares a wall with appears to be a douche who yells on his phone, however cubicle walls arent exactly noice cancelling… you’d have to whisper into a phone to not be able to be spied on by the creeper on the other side of the wall.

    She not only facebook updated this report, but she took a photo of herself to photoshop in a thought bubble, so you can tell she’s the office weirdo who wears her purple socks to work because they’re just so cute.

    Lastly, what is so wrong with the phrase ‘bud’? I can think of probably 10 words he could have said that would be way douchier and would infuriate her even more.

    I appear to be in the minority but this chick needs to take the stick out of her ass and get over herself and simply get through the day like the rest of us

  5. How does Sally work in an office every day and not know the name of the guy she shares a cubicle wall with?

  6. Solid question Beatus.

  7. I just can’t seem to hate anyone, but I think Sally here just gave me a boner. I luff her, purple socks and all.

  8. Great, now I know what a worship team is. Thanks a fucking lot, Sally.

  9. totally correct as usual, analrapevictim.
    clearly officegirl has got a serious stick up her ass. what normal person wouldn’t want to know about that pink-eye story, in particular? I never get sick of hearing about ass-germs smeared on faces.

    you know what, fuck you, analrapevictim. you’re an idiot.

  10. Not surprising this person is. An idiot he is.

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