Monday, September 10, 2012

Spare Us!

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  1. fuck.

  2. Damn! Is Nicky part snake or something? My mouth barely opens half that wide.

  3. I can open my mouth a full 3 inches.
    Who in the fuck does Nicky think he is, Ghostface?

  4. Marcie is a pant-shitting Autumn-namer. I’m not sure which is worse.

  5. Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

    Because they have big fingers.

  6. I hate you, Brandon. It’s “have,” not “of.” Dick.

  7. Agree, anyone who says ‘should of’ let alone types it is such a fuckwit I would like to dilate my sphincter to 5cm to defecate a decent sized stool upon them.

    And Armin’s tale was strangley arousing. My diddle expanded to around 15cm length upon imagining some dumb hot chick fingering her bumhole, then on realising it was probably some fat retarded moose it shrank back to its normal tiddly sub-10cm dimensions…

  8. since when is Armin a girl’s name? Or why does armin think he’s having white girl problems? o.O

  9. I think Sally overreacted, unless of course instagram was involved…

  10. Sally is a hypocrite. She’s all precious about cervical dilation during childbirth, but I know she subscribed to my Gaping Girls Journal.

  11. she must only do anal gaping.
    it’s like the difference between pole and belly dancing, you know?

  12. Well, I now see the problem here. People are fuking disgusting.

  13. Do you c the problem?

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