Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun With Metaphors

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  1. Or, you know condoms and pills work too. No need to kill babies.

  2. No need to censor Philip DeFranco’s name, he is YouTube Famous

  3. who?

  4. Isn’t the whole abstinence thing more of an attempt to avoid STD’s and HIV? And how many people drown with a life jacket on…

  5. Well, it’s true, the only 100% effective method is abstinence, but what’s the fun in that?

  6. Want the government out of your uterus? Get your uterus out of my wallet. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. ^Want my uterus out of your wallet? Keep your unprotected penis out of my vagina. Simple.

  8. the ONLY health issues the gubmnet should concern itself with are erectile dysfunction issues in aging white males.

  9. ^ok I’ll bite.. why is that the only concern? if it wasn’t for aging white guys with erectile dysfunction we wouldn’t have a parliament

  10. *shakes head* So glad I’m not American.

  11. Seriously Berk?? you just answered your own question.

  12. oh thanks Frankie.. I wasn’t sure

  13. Why are the first and second picture split? Female elephants live in a herd of about ten individuals. I’ve seen post longer than this.

  14. Fake

  15. @10 *shakes head* Parliament refers to the British and Australian government, nitwit. Unless you’re talking about the funk band that brought us ‘Flashlight.’

  16. I’m glad that I don’t need to worry about any of this.

  17. That kid doesn’t need any flotation devices…

    His fucking massive flappy sail like ears would surely keep him afloat?

  18. This submission was the lamest thing I’ve seen here in weeks. Nice to see Lamebook returning back to its roots.

  19. Someone should be subsidizing my lifejacket!
    This is obviously a war on swimmers.
    And all you stupid christians saying don’t go swimming in swamps or you’ll get the itch! You’re just jealous because I go swimming and you don’t.

  20. Agreed, tommyray.

  21. A life vest might not be sexual Sonja, but look at massive firm rod of wood he’s dragging around.

  22. @15, rightbrain, pretty sure havemercy was actually referring to the actual post. which refers to republicanism. it was that fucking stupid prick, berk – AGAIN – who retarded everything up by his redundant introduction of the term ‘parliament’ into the thread.
    where it was not needed and did not belong.
    his base stupidity appears to be infectious and I will be probably be watching this closely. and derisively.
    in fact, mostly derisively.

  23. Some people just don’t get irony. Or sex.

  24. I only have sex ironically.

  25. @22 I believe you’re right. I’ll send a card and some flowers immediately.

  26. why? did you have an affair, too?

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