Saturday, September 8, 2012

Only at Ribfest

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  1. If she didn’t have pockets, I’d say yeah, perfectly acceptable place for your hand to be, but she tooootally has pockets.

  2. It’s more offensive that someone named their child ‘Trista’.

  3. ^bahaha, I didn’t even notice the names. Trista is pretty bad. I’ve only known one Michaela and she was a tramp.

  4. No lie, I went to school with a girl named Trixey.

  5. No lie, this is fake.

  6. I’ve seen worse, trista and michaela are just too easily-fucking-scandalized prudes.
    also, it’s creepy and inappropriate to take photos of random strangers and post them on the web – just because they are clearly having more fun than you

  7. Once you’re done with your ribs, I doubt there’s much else to do to have fun at ribfest, albeit creepy.

  8. He’s just using that residual BBQ sauce on his fingers for a practical use.

  9. @5 and @6 comment on every p

  10. ost because of a lack of life.

  11. maybe she ordered a dirty Sanchez

  12. What a shit post. Sort it out you useless fucking cunts.

  13. ^Lovely. We can add tourettes to the growing list of maladies here.

  14. god I wish I had Tourette’s motherfucking cock sucking cunts

  15. ^how ignorant of you.

  16. ^how so Frank?

  17. because it came from you?

  18. Tourettes isn’t fun and games ‘ooh I get to swear at people’. go wiki it or something.

  19. ah of course… walked into that one didn’t I

  20. And I know what Tourette’s is, and how it works. I reckon it would be amusing to have an excuse to just go off tap occasionally. It doesn’t hurt to have a laugh about life Frankie, and not take it all so seriously… anal drip, cock skank, arse bandit

  21. ^who needs an excuse? Just do it.

  22. So Tourette’s is where we draw the line? Good to know.

  23. It’s ironic that Miss Paunchy McBackRack is at ribfest and yet the chances of seeing her ribs are slim to fucking none.

  24. We don’t draw any lines. Well, I do. Nothing funny about pedos or any harm coming to a child.
    Bot other than that, no lines. It’s what makes this one of the most unique forums out there.

    Oh, and 9 & 10 comments on every post that 5 & 6 comment on. How ironic.

  25. OP is jealous no one is willing to finger her in public like that.

  26. Hey, at least I learned something here for a change. Ribfest was a new one on me.
    It looks trashy and caloriffic!

  27. ^it looks fucking hilarious. you just know that the fucking napkins are gonna have confederate flags printed on them.

  28. @6 I agree. They are probably two obese chicks that never get laid.

  29. Unless we also draw the line at obese as well…

  30. fimm

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