Saturday, September 8, 2012

Think Before You Type

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  1. so that’s where franky went.

  2. Nothing to see here.

  3. You are all bastards and I hate you. That is all.

  4. ^no fucking way. everyone is totally charming here.
    I know not what the fuck you may mean.

  5. lol MsAnne @1 but at least I had some company, there was a midget in there that itzafuckingmoron had locked up.. apparently mistook it for a troll or something.

  6. it was probably his mother.

  7. Hopes’ engaging humour filled tale of the racist kidnapping of a feline reminds me of a similar situation that happened to me.

    I once nailed some random black pussy on a garage forecourt.

  8. ^ This guy.

  9. So the cat ran in, then Hope went in, then the cat ran in, but the dog ran out. Now the cat’s still in. Good story, Hope. Glad you cleared it up for us.

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