Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Terrible Type

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  1. I need me a Moron translator

  2. father daughter boning made me chuckle. Lack toe tolerance made me cry.

  3. I think what Mona is trying to say here is

    “There is always a girl in and scary movie, for instance in the Lake scary movie, the girl hears something stalking her like a hawk, and she is in the cabin and hears something and she has the nerve to go outside. Whats wrong with you? You make me sick and the girl dies very impressively. So really, if you hear something, don’t freaking do something to kill yourself because you will be missed early.. ”

    Now do I get a medal for this?

  4. Please read in @3

    >> There is always a girl in and scary movie


    There is always a girl in any scary movie

  5. Wow, I’ve never seen someone write so closely to the way they (moronically) speak. “Gul” for “girl”, “is” for “this”, “yhu” for “you”… God damn it’s fucktarded.

    Also, I’ve seen many people call it, “lactose and tolerant”. *wraps noose around neck*

  6. Christ on the cross.. my brain actually hurts trying to read that – 2 minutes of my life I will never get back! – thanks Maggie for the translation

  7. Good work maggie, here’s an imaginary gold star. Also, are hawks known for their stalking abilities? Pretty sure they’re the “That’s a rabbit I’ll fuck it up at high speed from fucking miles away right now” type of predator.

  8. @cubiclesmurf
    You are welcome.. In fact this was easier to understand than the piece of code i am working on now..

    Thanks for the gold star. I am pretty sure normal hawks cant stalk humans.. maybe this is some hybrid monstrous hawk that can kill humans “impressively”.. whatever, I hope someone who has watched the Lake movie can shed some light on this..

  9. The excuse everyone gave for typing “u” instead of “you” was “It’s an abbreviation!”. Because nothing needs abbreviating like 3-letter words.

    Now it’s “yhu”. That’s not shorter! Come on! The O is only a little further. Stop being a moron.

  10. Maggie is completely wrong. What Mona was REALLY trying to say:

    “I like cheese”.

  11. Mora needs to be shot in the face.
    Until she’s dead.

  12. I am also lag tow in tolerance. I feel his pain…

  13. when I was a little girl about 7 years old or so, I started getting frequent headaches. My mother took me to a Dr. to make sure it was not a tumor or worse. The Dr. said “It’s just a tension headache” to which I spoke up with “Nuh uh! I am not trying to get attention! It really hurts!” They laughed at me, and then later, a year or so, I realized what the Dr. meant.

    So these teens and adults that are lack toe tolerant make me so sad.

  14. Shoot me.

  15. You had tension headaches at 7, thisisnotanexit? Dude. That sucks. It also sucks that they laughed at you. I hope you’re a little more relaxed and ridicule-free these days.

  16. I’m sorry, is no one else concerned that in their “boning” they took a gun to what appears to be a public park (judging by the paved and cleared walkways)?

  17. Hurry up with that rope, Dasher, it’s my turn.

  18. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    No feckless; no one is concerned about that. No one cares.

  19. If the spelling is hereditary, maybe “Mora” is how her parents spell “moron”.

  20. Don’t visit the demo derby forum if bad sentence structure and grammar are important to you.

  21. lametothemin
    why thank you, I am. The tension was caused by my idiot parents. As an adult I no longer speak to them and my life is stress free!! Well except I have an idiot boss I cannot ignore.

  22. Dylan and Mary were funny…Mora needs to not exist.

  23. Mora to English Translation:

    Mora: There is always a girl in a scary movie, like in a scary movie set by a lake. This girl hears something stalking her, like a hawk. Then she if inside the cabin and hears something, she has the nerve to go outside. What is wrong with you? You make me sick! And then the girl dies. Very Impressive. Like really? If you hear this don’t freaking do something to get yourself killed because you will be missed dearly! Hahaha

    Destinee: Was that English? I’m not following. Please elaborate.

    Mora: Some girls in scary movies act like they haven’t got a fucking brain. Like, come on! If you dumb ass got any sense, then use it!

    But Mora does have a point. I get tired of seeing women run outside in the woods in nothing on but a T-Shirt and high heels for some inexplicable reason (for some reasons horror movies tend to think this is how we make popcorn) and getting killed because she runs straight INTO the killer’s path. Half the women in these movies you could strangle with a cordless phone.

  24. When stalking stupid, inquisitive, curious outdoorsy whores by my local lake, I often dress as a hawk…sometimes a crow….and once as a budgie.

  25. I didn’t even bother reading past the initial run-on sentence in the first post.

    How the fuck does one get ‘lack toe tolerance?’ There’s clearly an ‘S’ sound in there. It’s like a 2yr old learning how to say words for the first time.

  26. Really my 4yr can spell better and makes more sense and he’s deaf.

  27. Really my 4yr old can spell better and makes more sense and he’s deaf.

  28. This comment thread is one long lak tosin toller rant.

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