Thursday, June 25, 2020

Curse Of Cursive


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  1. Everybody would rather deflect blame onto someone else rather accept responsibility for their own shortcomings. We live in a nation of children in adult bodies.

  2. If this originally came from a boomer, he or she could not have orchestrated a worse way to target their own generation.

    Younger people are spreading COVID fast now, and they are asked to care about older, weaker groups that have made it plain that they have ZERO respect, and ZERO concern about what happens to the younger ones.

    Jeez thanks for making the choice easy boomers! We don’t have to hypothesize about how to cripple another generation because nature is doing it for us.

    Another favorite is how millennials suck at DIY. I’ve never encountered good craftsmanship left by an older person. The house I bought requires that you destroy the kitchen in order to replace the oven. A millennial is not responsible for that shit.

    Alternate reality has limits, and it’s quickly breaking down for them.

  3. Only a millennial would write a long winded diatribe in the comments of a lamebook post. GO BUY SOME MORE VINYL FOR YOUR RECORD PLAYER, HANDJOB.

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