Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taco Tuesday!


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  1. idk what they’re talking about, but mannn now i’m hungry

  2. Congratulations, you won.

  3. That’s strange. This made me lose my appetite AND killed my libido.

  4. @Jenocyde … We’re going to find where these ads are coming from and cancel the shit out of ’em.

  5. I was just simultaneously the 10,000th and 1,000,000th visitor! I’m probably going to win an awesome prize!

  6. Congratulations, you won.

  7. They serve black tacos now?

  8. Black tacos smell worse than regular tacos

  9. Pink tacos make your dick rot off.

  10. FireFox + AdBlock = What ads?

  11. Well, looks like I’ll be sticking with the regular hard taco.

  12. Lamebook on my phone = What ads?
    And it took my innocent mind a few seconds to figure the post out.

  13. Thanks Lamebook!

  14. that’s the shit i like to see, lamebook. i like this. keep it coming.

    @Boz likewise.

  15. Took me a bit to understand(I thought she had one in the frige) too. It’s pretty funny that he gave himself away though.

  16. hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrious.

  17. was it hard or soft shell? Was it beef or chicken?

  18. It was soft and chickeny actually. All in all, pretty good – although, a lot of it ended up in my mustache. Take-away for later I spose.

  19. Ad hot sauce to make it spicyyy!


  20. Huh. Took a couple of minutes to figure out that Kia and Kiara are two different people.
    Still not convinced either of them should be in possession of a black taco. Whatever the hell that is.

  21. I always thought they were called mudflaps.

  22. @ Fuhco

    Only when my mustache is buried in it.

  23. I’ll be having some freshly made LillyTac soon mmmmm…

  24. I’ll be having some freshly made LillyTac mmmmm….

  25. why is this on here it’s people talking about food they’ve eaten the only bit about it thats lame is that it’s on here.

  26. Kia the only one dats talkin bout food

  27. @ Atheismo

    Problem is, Kia seems to be the only one innocent.

  28. anything ground beef and cheese being compared to a va-jay-jay is nasty especially if its of a darker color….


  30. Not too bright, are we Terrell?

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