Monday, February 23, 2015

Dad is Pissed!

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  1. Wouldn’t give him 300 bucks for that shitty Ford….

  2. Your mom got 160.000 miles.

  3. Your mom has had 160000 miles of steeeeverrrr in her orifices..

  4. “your mom” jokes? The comments on here have surely deteriorated >.<

    They used to have intelligence and wit in them… yes, looking at you, Dane 😛

    Also: missing lots of witty others… step up, I'm waiting! Entertain me!

  5. upto I looked at the receipt for $7844 , I accept that…my… father in law was realie taking home money part time at there computar. . there dads buddy started doing this for under 9 months and recently repaid the depts on there condo and got a great Fiat Multipla . try this out


  6. Shut your fat shit mouth.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    I wonder who kicked his fender.

  8. America- where dads can afford to buy their 16 year olds ‘trucks’ but don’t want black people to have basic healthcare!

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