Friday, December 11, 2009

Raising Hell




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  1. @ KennyChen (again) *insert rolling eyes here* Only douchebags like you still use AIM. So, yet again, politely FUCK OFF AND DIE! Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You sad sack of shit.

  2. Please keep it up, Svet! You guys make it worthwhile to log into LB.

  3. @ Prince Mishkin – Only a pleasure.

    KennyChen, eat shit. THEY LOVE ME!!

    That’s who?

  4. Maybe we should hook little Picasso with Chris. He can sit around and color his balls blue.

  5. @hanksr…smart one lol

  6. I ate candles as a child, and nobody ever called poison control for me XD. If they called poison control for little Picasso, then he’ll never learn his lesson.

  7. Is he having sex with his child?

  8. That’s just wrong.

  9. Crayons for kids are usually non-toxic. He’ll probably just have weird colored shit. And she should drive to NY because they buy shit like that up there.

    What is the bass pic doing on Lamebook? There’s nothing lame about that.

  10. @nevart, I’m no doctor, but I still would be worried about a potential intestinal obstruction, as I’m not sure that the crayon wax would stay melted at body temperature. I hope so, for that kid’s sake.

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