Friday, September 21, 2012

Daddy’s Little Girl

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  1. I’d burst her wide open!

  2. Only a little black dress can make a girl with no face look hot.

  3. good work Anton

    going to sit on her Noob?

  4. For some reason, that “Mac” looks like an older Dell with an Apple sticker over the logo.

  5. Oh, and I love the Photoshop job. Check out the extra skinny left arm.

  6. ^It’s amazing how the pics containing scantily clad ladies bring out your attention to detail, beatus.

  7. heh. the arm is pretty close to her boob.

  8. Beatus is an arm man.

  9. *Beatus is a man.

    There. Fixed it for you.

    If you think THAT is “scantily clad,” you need to come to Vegas.

  10. ^Hmmm…tell me what you’ll be wearing before I book a flight.

  11. ^ Same thing I wear every day: a big smile.

  12. the only reason anyone would have to smile every day would be drugs or downs.

  13. The arm is partly behind the boob.

    MsAnne – 1
    Beatus – 0

  14. Hey guys, just think, if this was 4chan this would turn into a disgusting trailer trash wincest thread with some pathetic fucking caption some overzealous leet haxor boy added to it to try and make it seem legit so 23 other 12/13 year old wanna be haxor loic users could fap to until they drip watery blood from their narrow urethras at the end of the 13cm cocks (measured all the way from the base of their prolapsed rectums from all the cucumbers they manage to fit in them. But you know what. I don’t know why so many prepubescent little twats get so worked up and hard over a bitch, and probably a whiny little daddies girl at that when if they were really looking for some sort of porn they didn’t have to xray or bubble or whatever the fuck those twisted Mormons do when all they have to do is act like a decent god loving piece of shit and walk into any LDS church and announce they’re single and want to meet a nice to girl to spend some time and maybe go on a picnic with, and instead of a picnic they really just wander off into the woods behind the church or if they’re really desperate pull the curtains aside from the dance in the gym and go fuck in one of the pews…or hell, maybe they should just go all out and get on stage for a crying, screaming, oh god, oh god, fuck me Jesus testimony. Mormon girls LOVE that shit! Think I’m lying? Get the fuck out of your basement and give it a shot, so what if you have to pry yourself out of that sticky ergonomic $200 Ikea chair your mommy bought you last week. What have you got to lose? Your collectible 3rd edition wookie doll from some Stars Wars movie you daddy gave you for your birthday? Nobody wants that shit! Why do you think HE gave it to you? That’s right faggot, because your a fucking loser who masturbates to wookie dolls and ponies? I’m sorry if I’m wrong…hell…I’m not even directing this towards any of you guys, hell I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister, if I had one….Anyways…What’s so fucking special about this post, this girls’s nothing to drool over, so fucking what, she’s wearing a short dress? daddy threatened a couple boys? Yeah man…I got a real fucking laugh out of it. I haven’t laughed THIS hard in YEARS….fuck this…say something funny or GTFO! You regulars can stay, I like you, everyone else can fuck off and go suck a dick and quit wasting my time, fags!

  15. Lovely rant, Capn. We haven’t had a good rant round these parts in ages. Just one thing, you know I don’t like to be a nag, but paragraphs.

  16. ^if lame book for iPhone would let me like anything, I’d like this a thousand times.. and before anyone jumps on I’m not assuming I am one of the ‘regulars’ or that Cap’n isn’t telling me to GTFO as well.. I just like the comment.. even with the poach from full metal jacket..good work Cap’n, here’s to you .. (I reckon you could finish that poach/line on your own)

  17. Cap’n, those two weeks at The Hank Felton School of Creative Writing and Cosmetology were time and money well spent! Well done, matey. I’ll bet that rash has cleared up nicely, too, eh?

  18. I don’t know rightbrain…after all, the rash was on YOUR ass, NOT mine? I was right though…I guess you took my advice and stopped scratching it and eating the puss covered scabs…I don’t care if you think they tasted good, that was disgusting man….I almost puked the first time you shoved one a them crusty things in your mouth! I’m in a good mood this morning Berky, so your A OK with me ol’ chap!

  19. Speaking of CRUSTY! I knowwww you’re lurking around here somewhere! Let’s hear what them lovely lips of yours have to say! I’m just hanging on the edge of my chair hair waiting for more of you lovelies to stroll on in and try to swoon me with your sweet, sweet, insults! :p

  20. @18 Damn. ‘I’m rubber you’re glue’ but pirate-style. You’ve won this time, but I’ll be back!

  21. Seriously man? I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, honestly. I didn’t, I was just complementing you on your improvement in hygiene and speedy recovery. If it wasn’t for my advice you could have died. You know serious even the simplest viruses/infections can turn out to be deadly when your on the high seas. You even had the courtesy to treat my amazingly awesome crew with dignity and respect. and, now, after ALL I’ve DONE for you. YOU’RE going to threaten me by sneaking off in one of my dinghys in shark infested waters just to go and give up my bearing to those limey Schooner wielding bastards. If you’re going to side with the English you give me no choice but to force ya ‘t walk t’ plank, ‘r maroon ye’ on a deserted’ island with nothing more than a few hull rats and one measly barrel of rum? As one Captain to another I’m giving ye the chance to join me on our treasure filled adventure, ripe with young fertile and willing wenches with b/c procured for the future travelers of the sky. Rumour is they can’t bear children and have the libido of a princess in heat. Now What kind of lowely Captain would turn that down, RightBrain3? I’d be offended if you turned down your new title Captain R.Brain the III. Join me or it’s the plank drop to the bottle or rum buried in obsidian laden sand wit ye!

  22. ^ fuck, you’re a moron.

  23. ^or, you’re a humourless twat.

  24. I’m staggered by Mass’s prowess of insultery. it could be argued that his and/or her content selection, timing, and delivery delves into levels of mastery that only the most proficient insulterers could appreciate.

  25. Oooh… I, ehm…

  26. Yeah, mass, Why you always gotta go around trying to suck to cum out of everything?

  27. Someone get CapnJaques a job, he clearly has too much time on his hands and not enough braincells to go with it.

  28. Love the Amy Winehouse arm.

  29. Someone get Abl Quarib a CAMEL, that poor terrorist obviously wandered too far away from his training camp and scammed some poor bleeding heart Christian into letting him use their computer to get on lamebook. Hopefully they come to their senses before he talks them into letting him spend the night so he can rape their poor daughter, rob the blind, and murder them in their sleep. Take your Jihad shit elsewhere you camel jockey. Your kind aren’t welcome in my port 🙂

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