Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dad’s Directions

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  1. Awesome dad is awesome.

  2. He got the reaction he was looking for by her answering a question that was asked to her? Arent you always expecting an answer or “a reaction” when you ask someone a question? So predictable answering a question that your dad asked you…how stupid are you, Bryanna? I mean…..BIATCHHH!

  3. Classy dad is nowhere to be found….

  4. Intoxicated dad is inappropriate (but funny).

  5. isn’t there something a little disconcerting about a dad who is giving his daughter advice on receiving oral sex?

  6. I agree MsAnneThrope, event he fact that the thought of his daughter receiving oral sex is creepy times 10! Maybe Dad’s hoping that she’ll never be able to receive oral sex again without thinking about his comment.

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  8. Randy’s are always a little off

  9. As are your apostrophe’s

  10. hahaha Parker ….

  11. no

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