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  1. Haven’t you ever seen I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant? It happens. I hope I’m not one of those women.

  2. Someone in my extended family found out when she was 8 months in…

  3. “Strangest thing, doc. I’ve been having these stomach cramps, almost feels like kicking, can’t explain it.”

  4. Why is this on lamebook?

  5. “And here I thought I was just a fatass.”

  6. Fake.

  7. Sigh.

  8. “No doctor, I just ate a baby the other day.”

  9. I don’t really see why this is here. Many women do not experience any symptoms of pregnancy. They continue their periods, have no nausea/morning sickness, experience no “kicking” sensation (not all babies are very active in the womb and the sensation is not always distinct) and if they are already on the heavy side (somewhere around 70% of women in North America are considered overweight) it would be entirely possible to not know you were pregnant until late in the pregnancy.

    Statistically speaking, 1 in 450 women don’t realize they are pregnant until after their 20th week. And 1 in 2500 women don’t realize it until they go into labor. In the grander scheme of things, this is not uncommon enough to consider stupid/funny/whatever counts as a reason to put it on this site.

    tl;dr – this isn’t funny and doesn’t belong here. Find more humorous content.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  11. I’m willing to bet it’s not such a “happy day” for the poor sod who has been thinking for the last 7 months that he got away with that drunken night of regret.

  12. #9 So I read your post and came to this conclusion.
    Statistically speaking, 1 in 450 women, And 1 in 2500 women are incredibly stupid and should be put down before they spawn more idiots.

  13. I can’t be the only one thinking the world would be a better place if this moron and her peanut were roasted.

  14. Who says she didn’t know she was pregnant? She might just have not known how far along she was.

  15. I believe wat none of u r seeing is da fact dat shes 7mts pregs n called it her little peanut..normally its called a peanut in da 1st trimester..bitch is tellin a dinky

  16. Urgh, I actually know somebody that had 3 kids one after the other in a 22mth period and didn’t know she was preg for either one. She just loved the “D”

  17. There are ways to love the “D” without getting pregnant.

  18. Unless they were all premature, I don’t see how you can have 3 kids in 22 months.

  19. Maybe she means the baby is due in seven months and just writes like an idiot.

  20. @18. The first 9 months aren’t included

  21. First one then 10mths later then 11mths later the last one. 12mths in a year, pregnancy is only 9mths.

  22. 10 months. Pregnancy lasts for 10 months.

  23. ^ Usually 40 weeks. That would be 10 months if all of those months were February.

  24. If you had to look at a calendar and count 40weeks, it would be exactly nine months

  25. I don’t understand how this is on Lamebook. My stepfather’s cousin just had a second girl, never knowing she was pregnant all along. She is a thin woman, though her torso is very long. She apparently makes small babies, too. Both were about 5.5 lbs. at birth and full-term. She’s not a smoker either. I believe if there’s lots of room in your torso, you don’t feel the movements the same as you would with less space. I wasn’t so fortunate: I felt the first kick at 12 weeks with my one and only son. I have a short torso and felt EVERYTHING!

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