Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Works for Me

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  1. Should’ve done it in a Welsh accent.

  2. It’s cute that Americans think we’re all well spoken and polite.

    By gosh, yes, it’s jolly well fucking cute.

  3. What the fuck is a British accent? English accents are so diverse alone without throwing Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish in to the mix. I’d love to know what a ‘British’ accent sounds like.

  4. ^Any of the above could classify as a ‘British’ accent, but yeah, there are dozens of variations. I think the perception of a typical British accent is the posh Southern English one.

  5. How many actually have a ‘posh southern’ accent? It seems to exist largely in American movies and is very poorly imitated by Americans.

  6. Well, I’m southern, but I wouldn’t say posh…just ‘plain old English’ really. Tell you what though, my English accent was a hit with American ladies!

    “Oh my Gawd, you sound like James Bond!”

    “Really love? Blimey…”

  7. Here we fucking go…

  8. I’d fuck your daughter in her stupid little pussy. How about that for nice, you whore.

  9. “In a Canadian accent” would have been almost as funny.

  10. Was it Geordie?

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