Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh Boy!

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  1. MrImpotent: I’ll put this in a way you should understand-#WhatMakesYouThinkIGiveAFlyingFuck #BecauseIDont.

    Anne: Nice try at the reasoning for your leap from “let’s talk about how gays are viewed” to “lol PEDOS!”.
    I clarified that that wasn’t a response to your statement about mental health. That means the exact OPPOSITE of bashing those with mental issues- logic is tough for you, I understand. Here’s a cookie- how about you lie down for a bit in the corner, change your little emo avatar and continue thinking that you know me.

  2. I think Shebop’s right and Jeremiah is probably the latest sperm donor.
    Hopefully Nikki doesn’t know the whole story because nobody should be congratulating that pile of reproductive organs.

  3. ^you don’t know the whole story either, so why not shut the fuck up?

  4. You’re so kewt, wittle bunny.

  5. fuck yeah I am.
    you’re not getting a piece, though. eat shit.

  6. LMAO at the idea that Dee is “not worth” Orphan Annie’s “time” yet all of her “time” seems to be spent on this website.. so much so that she uploaded a fucking avatar.. my God. $5 says she responds to this comment within an hour.

    It’s okay, Anne. I remember being 14, too. It gets better. You should read if you want to see what truly clever cuntiness is all about; you just come off as really very lame.

  7. put a sock in it, fatty.
    you stopped fucking the kids, yet?

  8. OMG five minutes, this must be a joke.

    Are you really just on Lamebook all day and all night, every day and night of the week, desperately hitting “refresh” so you can google and thesaurus your way to pseudo-intelligent comment-thread responses with lightening speed?

    Meth is bad for you. I am sorry your mom never told you this.

    I may have a BMI of 25 but I also have things like a husband and children and friends and hobbies that are not cyber-based. Poor mutant rabbit.

  9. (Also, your obsession with pedophilia is extraordinarily off-putting. Just stop it.)

  10. gOd you fucking bore me.

  11. for the record;- you have a disappointed husband who is hoping you will put the fork down and take up jogging (you fat cunt), ‘fucking‘ children whom you obviously resent, ‘friends’ who are probably as fat, boring and pointless as yourself, and your ‘hobbies’ are probably stuffing big pies into your fat face, buying cookbooks and making excuses for your fat self.

    And as a mother – poor as you are – you should be a little more aware of the growing pedophilia problem that is at epidemic levels in the western world. If fat, stupid cunts like you were aware of the risks you *might* watch your ‘fucking‘ kids a bit more closely.

  12. Meanwhile, it’s been daylight for 8 hours now and she didn’t even know it.

  13. Hahahaha, I bet I do bore you! I can only imagine how many times you’ve visited this post looking for a response from me.

    Even if everything you say about me was true, your life would still suck enough to keep you trolling Lamebook. So sad.

  14. one question chubs – if I am so sad, why do I spend most of my days laughing?

  15. If you have an avatar for Lamebook and you repeatedly post more than two or three times per subject ……
    you likely:

    1. Cry yourself softly to sleep just about every night…..
    …after masturbating ….. and while clutching John Grisham’s latest novella upon your precious, but lackluster excuse for a bosom.

    2. Have a hunky fireman calendar in your dead end job’s cubicle. Eat lots of Chunky Monkey while watching “The New Girl”. But call others,”fat” to mask your own pitifully low sense of self worth.

    3. Are named Donna. Maybe Debi.

    4. Don’t have much tangible intellect. Unless you’re calling Firefox’s spellchecker,”intellect”.

    5. Will die alone.

  16. Is this according to your intimate knowledge of sweet fuck-all?

    1)haha. nope
    2)not even close, but 3 stars for creativity.
    3)wtf? ummm…no.(but I’m guessing someone who hurt your feelings is, hey?)
    4)Awww, look at you, ‘tangible‘. You know a big girl word =)
    5)Everyone dies alone you stupid fucking cock.

  17. ^do you feel special now, patton666?
    (retarded name, btw. it suits you)

  18. Lonely, harpy-waste-of-flesh with the ability to string a few words together gets off by irritating others. Film at 11.

  19. ^no one cares.

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